Texas (South/Rio Grande Valley) Cosplayers!

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#1 VocaloidMoyashi on 1 year ago


As a newcomer to the south area of Texas, I have no friends or companions that are into cosplay like I am. Truthfully, I am a newcomer to the cosplay scene for various reasons. Currently, I am not cosplaying until I lose some weight so I can maintain said weight for health/cosplay.

While I do this, I am learning how to sew and am pretty handy with any makeup needs. My first cosplay will be Yona from Akatsuki No Yona, which is being planned.

I was planning on going to San Japan but things happened to where I can no longer attend but I am trying to head to Anime Matsuri for 2018, if anyone is going.

Thank you and I hope to hear from someone soon.

Queen of the Losers!:spinner:

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