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#1 corink on 2 years ago

Hey guys! This is my 3rd year running this gathering so I'm looking forward to hosting it once again. With the continuing Ace Attorney games, everything is looking awesome. Professor Layton series may be over, but all cosplayers from any game (including the movie and spin-offs) are welcome! We now have 6 Layton games, 6 main Ace Attorney games, and several spin-offs plus the crossover! More info on gathering soon to follow when more info about con comes out. (I hope there are more Layton cosplayers this year even though the series ended, but still loving the turnout of Ace Attorney cosplayers!)

Name of the gathering: Ace Attorney/Professor Layton
This Gathering Includes: Any characters included in either the Ace Attorney and/or Professor Layton franchises (includes spin offs like Layton Brothers, Ace Attorney Investigations, AA and PL mangas, etc.)
Day: Sunday
Time: 3pm
Location: G6

Legal Statement-Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed

Shot Order:

-Ace Attorney Trilogy (Phoenix Wright games)
-Ace Attorney:Apollo Justice
-Ace Attorney:Dual Destinies/Ace Attorney 6
-Ace Attorney Investigations (both)
-Dai Gyakuten Saiban?
~Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney~
-Professor Layton first trilogy
-Professor Layton prequel trilogy (includes the movie)

Characters (AA)
-Defense Attorneys
-Siblings/relatives! (ex. Phoenix/Trucy, Edgeworth/Franzizksa, Feys, Gavins, Trucy/Apollo etc.)

Characters (PL)
-Each game individually?
-Main Layton crew
-NPCS/characters Layton helps

Characters (Both)(If there is time)
-Protags (so like Layton, Phoenix, Apollo, Athena, Edgeworth, Alfendi?)
-Assistants (Maya, Luke, Pearl, Emmy, Ema, Kay, Trucy, Gumshoe, Flora whoever shows up)

Individual Character Shots

You guys can send requests here or on the facebook page for this. Please try to keep it PG/PG-13 (if you want to do more things as consenting adult cosplayers please save that for outside the meet up maybe? You guys can still request pairings as long as the cosplayers involved are okay with it)

Here's the facebook event so if you think you might attend go ahead and put interested or going:


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