Daring Do wig (my little pony) - method advice

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#1 rchcc122 on 2 years ago


I've always wanted to cosplay this character, but I've been stuck with a minor big hesitation (no typo here).

I get stuck at her mane. I want to do a more realistic version of her, so I'm basing the rest of her costume off of Lara Croft (Specifically [URL="https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/cb/Lara_Croft_(2013).png"]this version[/URL]). I've been trying hard to find a gray-to-black ombre wig in a shaggy cut. However, all I can seem to find is black-to-gray, a small but significant difference.

I haven't done much wig styling yet. I'd like to but I get scared. What would be the difficulty of buying a silver/gray wig and just dying it in parts so it gets gradually darker? I remember reading something about how it's hard to dye a wig black, and so again I get scared. Sewing in wefts is more intimidating for me than dying, since everything I touch tangles. Ideally I would just purchase the wig and modify slightly. But the colors are the most important here, and I can't seem to find the right ones.

What advice do you have? Any search terms or places to look? Any advice on dying the hair? Thank you!

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