Looking for Dragon Scale fabric for MHW Kadachi armor cosplay

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#1 vonjankmon on 2 years ago

So my wife, daughter, and I are going to try and do a group Monster Hunter World cosplay. We choose the Tobi Kadachi armor for the reason that the Palico outfit for that is cute as hell and my daughter will be our Palico (She's 6 so the perfect size for it).


I'm trying to find a good dragon scale or diamond pattern like fabric for the clothing but I'm not finding anything that I really think works well. The Yaya Han Metallic Cobalt scale fabric is alright but honestly is way to brightly blue but the scale pattern on it is at least not so rounded. My wife and I have never used any of the fabric printing services before, do any of them print on stretch fabric?

Trying to find a good pattern/color that matches closely and I'm hoping someone may have some suggestions.


#2 DlGlT on 2 years ago

why does it need to be stretchy? The scaled parts all seem to be things like the chest plate, gauntlets, etc

#3 vonjankmon on 2 years ago

It doesn't really need to be but the parts that aren't on armor would be a bit easier if it was. If we ended up going the route of printed fabric I think it would be ideal to be able to have both stretch fabric and a normal cotton fabric. We have absolutely no experience with custom printed fabric.

#4 CapsuleCorp on 2 years ago

You CAN dye-sub print on lycra but it won't be metallic. It is, however, massively expensive.

You're not going to find scales larger than snake or alligator, and even those are tough to find out of season unless you go through fashion warehouses. Even then, they'll be fairly straightforward small-print scales, so if you don't want something that looks specificially like rattlesnake or alligator hide, you probably won't just find something. No luck through spandexworld or Spandex House?

If a dye-sub printing service is too expensive but you're willing to put in the work, consider cutting your own scales and/or using paint, dye, applique, or other methods to simulate scale. I'm cutting all my own scales for Orochi because his snake scales are much larger than any snake-print Lycra...and also bright fucking blue. It's going to be a pain in the ass I know, but I don't have the money for custom-printing, I would rather spend my effort and drink heavily between steps of the costume.

#5 Penlowe on 2 years ago

Spoonflower does print on stretchy base fabrics (tee shirt jersey, not spandex), at $20 a yard, and no metallic inks.

I second a big stencil, easier as your fabric sections are reasonably small at significantly less cost in.

#6 vonjankmon on 2 years ago

Thanks for the advice folks. Yeah I think a stencil is the way to go. I don't think finding a metallic tealish color cloth will be difficult and then it'll just be a matter of time and a lot of drinking like CapsuleCorp suggested.

Thinking that for the scales/areas that I want a more raised effect for I may leverage my Cricut a bit to save a tiny bit of my sanity from having to work on three costumes worth of scales.

#7 CapsuleCorp on 2 years ago

Ahaha yeah I'm actually looking into using our cricut for the scales too. There is a good chance that even with a fresh, sticky mat, it might not cut the lycra nicely, but it's worth giving it a test shot.

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