My Mjolnir is too long

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#1 ClownPrince13 on 2 years ago

So in my construction of Thor's hammer Mjolnir (Ragnarok one specifically) I made a mistake in measuring so my hammer is now 4 inches longer than it should be. I figure my options are limited to either

A) Finishing it and hoping it doesn't look odd
B) Cutting it in half and taking the 4 inches from the middle (my main concern with that is the presence of seam lines)
C) Making a new one.

What does anyone else think? I like the idea of B but I'm concerned about the seam lines. Thanks in advance.

#2 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

Can you post a picture so we have a better idea at what we're looking at?

#3 Penlowe on 2 years ago

DO NOT CUT IT. That's a bad plan over all, weakens your structure.

Is the handle too long? the hammer head? what's it made from? Did you make it to scale but the whole thing is off? Or is one part out of scale?
Without knowing these things, we can't help very much.