Boot covers over pants?

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#1 HoneyHaninozuka on 10 months ago

I’m wanting to make boot covers out of stockings (like [URL=""]these[/URL]) for my Mika cosplay ([URL=""]here[/URL]). I need the boot covers to go over the pants, which are basically slacks. Will the boot covers stay flat against the pants? If not, what would you recommend? I was considering cutting the slacks short and sewing the top of the stockings to the pants (which are basically shorts at this point), but Im not sure how this would work. Any ideas? Thanks!

#2 Penlowe on 10 months ago

No, that won't work. Your boot covers need to be the kind that actually look like boots, vinyl or leather (I've actually come across thigh high boots in thrift stores) OR go with leggings not trousers.

Remember this is animated, artists aren't limited by real bodies or physics. You can follow the line of their design (which is where your current plan is), or you can follow the materials suggested (the stiff cuff on the top of the boot, the obvious crease in the front of the pants, etc) but it's rare that they blend in real life like they do in the art.