[Tutorial] Gal Gadot "Diana" Screen Accurate Fishbone Braid

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#1 HERO HAIR on 2 years ago


Hey everyone!

This is Erin from HERO HAIR. It's been quite a while since I've been able to come on and post anything, it's been really crazy since New York Comic con. I thought you all might enjoy this so please have a look and feel free to PM me if you have any questions whatsoever here on the forum...

HERO HAIR: Cosplay Wigs for the Serious Adventurer presents our first FREE educational SCREEN ACCURATE hairstyling tutorial! This is Part 1 (of a 3 part tutorial) "Paradise Island: Fishbone Braid", as seen in the opening shots of the all new trailer for the film, starring Gal Gadot.

The tutorial is 42 minutes long.

This is not a cosplay wig tutorial, but a real study and and practical follow along for how to style your own natural hair accurately...and perfectly to match this Wondrous Warrior, from myself and my team of Motion Picture/television Wig masters and Hairstylists.

Here's the lnik and please have FUN!


All my best,

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