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#1 gumirin on 2 years ago

So who's planning on cosplaying from yoi??!

I will be cosplaying Phichit and Isabella (JJ's fiance)! For Phichit, I'll be wearing his red/gold FS outfit and I'll possibly bring his casual outfit as well. I also plan on preparing something to give to all the JJ cosplayers while I'm in Isabella. And I'll probably have something while I'm in Phichit too hmm. Otakon is still far away so I'm slowly planning!

#2 Crazy-Miu on 2 years ago

I will! I'll be doing the Yuuri I did at Katsucon as well as his duet outfit and possibly Viktor at least once during the weekend. I also have Yurio but I don't know if I'll be bringing him. Still have a long way to go to decide on a lineup but yoi will definitely still be on it!

#3 poskii on 2 years ago

I will! cx I will be two outfits for Yuri. The main day one ( the main one I'll be running around the con in ) is undecided but otherwise, my other one will be Yuri in my Makkachin kigurumi ♥

#4 CDR Strawberry on 2 years ago

I'm cosplaying with a friend as Gala Viktor and she'll be drunk Yuri :). We're going to premier them at Sakura Matsuri next month.

#5 ginervaginnyp on 2 years ago

I'll be different versions of Yuuri Katsuki all weekend! Casual for Thursday and Friday, "wedding suit" Yuuri for Saturday, drunk Yuuri Saturday night, and Free Skate Yuuri Sunday.

I'm bringing alllll the Katsudon.

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