First Ever Cosplay! Need Help Please x

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  • Haii ^-^

    This year I've decided I'm going to take the plunge and cosplay as Drevas from Brave Frontier (My favourite Unit) at the Manchester Comic Con on July, 30


    However, since this is my first time cosplaying I thought I'd search for some advise, tips, and feedback from amateur to more advanced cosplayers alike.
    And to anybody reading this and thinking that I should probably try something a little easier to begin with...please don't waste your time telling me that, because personally I believe in making grand entrances and that's exactly what I intend to do :P Besides that if I'm going to cosplay I want to give my all into something that I feel passionate about rather than searching for a substitute that I know I won't feel motivated to complete and perfect.
    Just so everyone knows, I'm no stranger to a sewing machine, pattern making, worbla etc. so feel free to provide me with any of your tips and tricks that will help me complete this.

    So far I have an idea of what I'm going to use, such as the crown which will be made from melting instamorph onto some thick wire and the petals will be constructed from worbla.
    The only thing that I'm in conflict over is what fabric I'd like the toga-like skirt to be made from.

    At first I thought it would be nice to have the red part done in velvet and the blue underneath made out of silk charmeuse...however after careful inspection there is a third piece I'm neglecting, which is the teal coloured corset like piece. Now to me that appears tone more velvet than anything, in my opinion that would mean having to abandon the idea of a red velvet piece and probably replace it with more silk charmeuse. So I just wondered what everyone was thinking about this? Can you think of anything else? My mind is literally drawing blanks but I'm determined to find a good solution and stick to it.

    Thank You so much for reading, I hope you can help! xo