Southern Maryland Cosplay meetup/gathering

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#1 Slapthefatcat on 3 years ago

I am the coordinator of the Southern Maryland Cosplay Facebook group and we are trying to get a meetup/gathering going. The meetup is not necessarily for the group, but more for a meetup of cosplayers from Southern Maryland.
The meetup will be at the Port of Leonardtown (behind the Taco Bell/KFC) on July 30, from 5:30-7:30, or until everyone feels like they are ready to go.
This would be a great time for cosplayers to show off their Otakon cosplays as well as for cosplayers to meet others if they do not attend cons, or for any other reason want to cosplay and meet up!

#2 Slapthefatcat on 3 years ago

EDIT: Meetup will be at the Leonardtown Wharf on July 30 at 5:30 PM.

#3 Slapthefatcat on 3 years ago

Meetup is tomorrow at 5:30 in Leonardtown Wharf, in Leonardtown, MD. Rain date is the following Saturday.

Edit: Meetup has moved to the Port of Leonardtown Park. It is right behind the Taco Bell/KFC and the winery.

#4 Slapthefatcat on 3 years ago

Admin: Please delete or archive my thread as the event has come and gone.