Jack O'Lantern costume help

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#1 Ratbat2099 on 2 years ago


I'm just starting to get into cosplay, thanks to my friend. I cosplayed as Ghost from Thunderbolts this summer and I thought I'd continue with another less-known villain. But since I don't have much experience, I thought I would ask some advice.

So I bought this Mad Jack figure and liked his look a lot. The second pic is from a custom that uses the original one as it's inspiration.


Since I have next to no handcrafting skills, I have to depend on Ebay for lot of my stuff, although I do have a friend I can create the pumpkin helmet with.

I was thinking about the main armor being motorcycle protection gear, painted dark green. I was considering this one, along with shinguards from my Ghost costume:


For the utility belt, I thought about using this ammunition pouch belt (I can also put is into some use with my Star Wars costume).


For the finger-blasters, I found this glovelight that could simulate that.


This is my first thread, so the thing might be a bit messy, but I'll try to be a fast learner :) Help and comments are appreciated.

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