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#1 Eurobeat King on 16 years ago

Anime Central 2002 was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go back there again. New hotel (NICE hotel!), and saw some friends there as well as meet new people, and oh yeah.. I took a FEW pictures. ^_~ You can check them out at:


Hopefully the page won't conk out on ya when you're viewing, but I hope you like them all! CIAO!

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#2 Aeris on 16 years ago

I had fun there with you Al. :) I hope we can hang out again next year. We'll have our ACEN pics (as bad as they are. Whoo I'm NO photographer) up in the photogalleries for soon enough.

#3 Aeris on 16 years ago

He is a photographer Dave. he's the one who took most of those Aeris pictures of me that you have on your hard drive. ;)

#4 Eurobeat King on 16 years ago

It was fun hanging with you at A-cen, Adella, and nice to meet Kyle for the first time. :) I didn't know too many familiar faces at A-cen (compared to EC and WC cons) but glad you were to there to keep my spirits up with your genkiness and Aeris costume! (What was the average # of steps you took before being stopped to take a picture? hehe :p )And we did it again at Fanime the following weekend, although not as much. We'll do it again at A-kon (hopefully) or AX fersure.. ;) Take care!

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#5 Aeris on 16 years ago

I dunno.. 3? Lol. That was so fun though, I love being her. Missy and I seek joy cosplaying Aeris! weee! For Aeris brought us joy in FF7 Le'sigh.

#6 Missy on 16 years ago

Yeah, until I killed myself at Katsucon. XD Oh yeah, lost my materia again too. Thats the 4th one. So.. The world would be dead 4 times over if it were up to me to save it. :eek:

#7 Aeris on 16 years ago


/me is cracking up!!!

We'll get together and do an Aeris and Aeris cosplay oneday when I can get over my chicken of planes. I think it'll be really fun. I lost my materia too and made a new one for emergency for Acen. >o

#8 Nadeshiko on 16 years ago

It was nice to see you again! *^^*

And as always, wonderful pictures. ^.~

#9 MiakaShi on 16 years ago

Uwa~ Thank you Mr. Eurobeat King for taking like 5 pictures of me on Friday & Saturday~ (no one ever takes pix of me~) do you mind if I post these on my page? I'll give you a link back and credit, of course. :)

Ahahaha! I had to edit this post later because I realized, "I know who you are!" Doh~! ^_^

I'm stupid. =P~~~~ Thanks for the pix of me~ I love the Hotaru ones especially from Fanime~ Yay~!

#10 SoulCrash on 16 years ago

I have to say this as Pedro