Soul Eater: Deathbucks Meetup!

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#1 Death's Prince on 8 years ago

[CENTER]Death City Cosplay is hosting a meet-up at Deathbucks! [/CENTER]
[CENTER]Join us for a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy the various teatime treats that we will be providing. [/CENTER]

This event will be both a tea party & photoshoot.

We invite cosplayers to come dressed as Soul Eater characters. Casual wear -- like the kind of thing you'd imagine your character might wear to meeting up with friends for a cup of coffee and hanging out -- is encouraged, but not at all necessary. We look forward to seeing all the various outfits Soul Eater characters will show up in!

We will be providing various teas* for you to choose from, if you don't wish to sip a fancy coffee. As for hot water, you will need to visit the Starbucks baristas and grab a cup from them.
Cakes, other baked goods and small treats will be available.

If you wish to bring something, let us know! We would love to add more variety for sharing amongst our guests.

*(We encourage making purchases of Starbucks' beverages, but understand that you may be tight on cash and wish to be accommodating.)

And remember -- be sure to tip the baristas for all their hard work!

Friday, September 9th, starting at 4PM

We would love to hold this at the Starbucks in the Marriott, but understand that our numbers may make that impractical or unwanted by the Starbucks staff. Due to that, we will likely meet there, and hang out until needing to relocate. In such a case, we will likely be grabbing one of the tables in the lobby.

To keep adding to the realism, Death City Cosplay will also be giving out our own Deathbucks coffee sleeves to those who come to join the fun!

We hope to make this NDK memorable, and look forward to seeing you there!

- Death City Cosplay

#2 KnightJeran on 8 years ago

I can't waiiiiit for this, hopefully I'll be able to make it! *cursescollegeorientationweek*