Can anyone recommend a good power sander?

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#1 CanisPanthera on 7 years ago

I've been looking for an orbital sander lately for my armor and prop work. I'm in the market for something $50 or less. I'd like to order from Amazon, something that's eligible for Amazon Prime so I don't have to pay for shipping preferably - budget is a bit tight right now. A lot of the sanders on there are listed lower than the list price.

I've heard a lot of cosplayers say they like to use the Black and Decker Mouse because it's cheap and as a triangular pad so it's easy to work into corners. The problem is that the reviews for it are a bit mixed. Most of the higher ratings are given after people have just used it a few times, but the people who used it more extensively said it broke because the pins that keep it together melted.

Does anyone have extensive use of the Mouse or can recommend a sander? Thanks

#2 StabbityBlkMage on 7 years ago

I use Skilcraft sanders, but I always try to buy something refurbished if at all possible. I don't have any experience with B&D, but they seem to have a good heft to them when I see them at the store.

If you really want something cheap (and they tend to at least last 2-3 years of good use) harbor freight usually has some good stuff, and you can usually get a 20% off coupon somewhere (I usually clip them out of my Maxim and Playboy magazines...good articles lol).


#3 Kyler2802 on 7 years ago

I use an Porter Cable angle grinder to make sword edges very quickly, and a Black and Decker Mouse for smoothing and the small stuff. I've owned the Mouse for a year now and it hasn't failed me yet. The trick is to not put too much pressure on the little guy and just let it run on its own.

With both tools, my experience has been nothing but good!

#4 Penlowe on 7 years ago

I have a B&D Mouse, I like it fine for less-than-two-hours-at-a-time work. Beyond that the vibration sets up pain in my elbows, meaning I've never run it hard enough to melt any of it's bits. I've used it mostly on wood, but some metal. Refurbished three chairs and one girls desk with it.

That and my Craftsman jigsaw are the only ones of their brands I own. Outside of that, every other single power tool collectively owned by this household is Dewalt. Been very happy with the quality of all of them.