Bleach cosplay tips.

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#1 Enkidu on 11 years ago

So I noticed a lot of people are fairly confused as to why certain things don't look like in the Anime or have no idea what " X " is called, or have problems with inconsistencies et cetera, so my post is going to try and get rid of a little of that piece by piece ( I'm only replying because my friends invited me to Sakura con 2010, even though the only Anime/Manga I like are things like Vagabond/Real/ Monster/ Pluto and the like, and I decided to "cosplay" as a generic samurai )

Note* I'm not suggesting you buy all of this stuff, I'm just using the pictures as references for people who either want to buy them, or make it themselves as a lot of times just making something off of a description is hard or can make the end result come out wrong. This is important from some of the costumes I've seen, quite a few people know nothing of what the bleach outfit was based on and miss some important details that could make or break a costume. Please enjoy and I apologize if its hard to read.

First lets start with what people have been calling a " Keikogi ", in fact what the characters from bleach are wearing are not Keikogi as this simply refers to a gi used for training ( IaiGI, kendoGI, judoGI for specific arts et cetera, keikogi is just an all encompassing term, literally translating to practice garment ) these are generally made out of cotton or a polyester/rayon blend depending on what kind of martial art your practicing.

A Yukata is a garment used for informal occasions, they are traditional japanese wear ( no longer a regular item to wear as japan has been largely "westernized" )that were formerly used before the westernization of japan, the American equivalent of "casual" wear.

For Bleach cosplay what you want is a simple black kimono. Although in Arts such as Kendo or Iaido the gi is much shorter than a Kimono, Samurai would wear full dress kimono or Monstuki kimono underneath their Hakama.

The white collar that is seen coming out of the Front and sleeves on most characters is not a Juban ( although thats what Real people would use ) but as far as I can see with the exception of a few characters where this is actually a juban, it seems to be based off of the modern adaption of kimono collars where a white strip of cloth is sewn onto the hem of the sleeves and all the way through the hem of the torso area with just 1/2 an inch or so sticking out. However you can achieve the same effect by wearing a juban, but not having it, or the "top", closed so tightly around your body the way martial arts practitioners do and make sure the juban is lower than your "top" but still manages to stick out. It all depends on what you want the effect to look like.

* this is a good example of what I mean, please look at the "collar" for this item

Cosplay tip* You can just get an Iaido gi ( not 100% cotton ) like this one: [url][/url]

And just sow on a white piece of fabric under the hem of the sleeves and in the main torso area. This will save you a lot of money as buying a Kimono is rather expensive.
__________________________________________________ _________________________

Onto the Hakama! THEY ONLY HAVE 7 PLEATS, 5 in the front, 2 in the back. There is actually a significance to the pleats themselves, so making false Hakama with more than 7 pleats just makes you look silly. Its much easier to order this item for around 40$ than it is to make them, unlike most of the other items you need for a bleach cosplay, you can even buy ones with the Pleats already sown in so you don't have to learn how to fold it when you put it away.

Now Hakama are Skirt-pants of sorts, there is a divider in between them and individual pant legs, but its baggy and has the feel of a skirt. When worn properly and standing with the legs together the pleats will look like a skirt, when moving and sitting it will be obvious that they are pants.

If that last bit is hard to follow, you don't know what a hakama looks like! So lets get to it.


and here's someone wearing it.

As you can see the waist area is NOT like a pair of jeans or sweat pants that wraps around your body at once.

There is a Stiff back pad with 2 pieces of fabric attached ( Himo ), they are shorter than the front parts Fabric, called a Koshiita.

The sides of your Gi/Kimono/Montsuki WILL show through the open slits in the side. This is normal and if your Gi is black, it should look like one piece and your skin will not be showing.
When wearing a Hakama the front sections himo are tied together first. These are long Himo and wrap around your body 2 -3 times depending on your size before you tie them. A special knot is not needed as the back himo are brought to the front and cover the knot of the front sections himo., If the fabric used in the himo is white, you can have a realistic bleach looking Knot, that does not go all the way around back as some people have complained about.

Just remember that both the front AND back Himo must be white to get that layered effect that the bleach characters have for their waist sash. Its a simple fabric replacement so you can do it yourself or have someone you know do it, its not too bad.

For socks and sandals your can just buy, or make your own Tabi ([url][/url] ) and Waraji sandals ([url][/url] )

The tabi shouldn't run more than 10 - 15 $ and the waraji shouldn't run you more than 20 -40 $. The Waraji are not like typical American "flip-flops" and need to be tied to look how they do in Bleach.

As for the rest, it just takes some good makeup work/ crafts skills from what I've been told. Good luck and happy hunting mates.

#2 DarkTyphoon on 10 years ago

Just to let you know, the first two links are broken.