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#31 *Shiva* on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Rem Akimichi;1938778]On upgrades: When it's released, what will the payment options be? I would like to upgrade my account as soon as it's allowed, but since I'm in the middle of moving and transfering banks to one thats local to the new area (and thus changing my paypal) all I have is a credit card. However, I would prefer cash/money order, if thats going to be available. Does anybody know yet?[/QUOTE]

I don't think it's been determined yet, or at least not announced.

[QUOTE=Sesshomaru 12;1939687]I know this question is really stupid to ask but how to do make a thread?[/QUOTE]

On each forum page, there is a big blue button on the upper lefthand side above the thread listings that says "new thread." Just click that. :)

#32 Lunacat1 on 12 years ago

just wondering is there as way you can organize the pics in your album...or a way to choose what pic goes on the album cover??

#33 Ami Yuy on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Lunacat1;1997121]just wondering is there as way you can organize the pics in your album...or a way to choose what pic goes on the album cover??[/QUOTE]
Nope. It's one of those things that has been "planned" for a long time, but is not available currently.

#34 Fong on 12 years ago

Question: I have a costume in my gallery of Sora from KH2. When I went to search for it under "costumes" it did not show up. Any reason for that? Can I not see my own costume on the searches, or (what I'm more concerned about) can nobody see it because I'm doing something wrong? It shows up under my costume list but for whatever reason doesn't show up the search.

Also; under Album Admin is clearly says that my sora gallery is that of the costuming persuasion. When I click the drop bar it reads "**COSTUME: SORA." Yet these pictures have still yet to show up in my Sora costume folder. I'm thinking that the only reason my pictures don't show up in the search is because there are no pictures in the gallery of that costume. Though, it does have it's own respective section in my gallery. I don't understand why my Album Admin tells me those photos are allotted to my costume, when they quite clearly are not.

I'm only assuming this is why it's not showing up on the search.

#35 Fire Lily on 12 years ago

Is there any way we can have this thread stickied on every major forum page? There are far too many new people not adhering to posting rules in the forums who I think could benefit from a reminder about posting inappropriately.

#36 *Shiva* on 12 years ago

@ Rosalyn - it's showing up for me in the search, just a few pages back. Also, when you click on the costume, the photos from your gallery show up just as they'r esupposed to, so it did work. :)

@ Fire Lily ~ I agree.

#37 angel's heaven on 12 years ago

I tried many times to update my costumes gallery, but I still can't. I tried with using the tutorial, but it still doesn't work for me.

I would like to add my costumes in my gallery but each time I try, I only have a "database error, please contact the administrator".

Maybe I've done something wrong, but I don't know what.

Can you help me, please? Even if it's just to say what does this problem may come from.

Thanks for your help.

#38 *Shiva* on 12 years ago

Exactly what did you do to get that message? If you can explain exactly what you tried doing, then we can see maybe where you're going wrong. :)

#39 angel's heaven on 12 years ago

Database error
The database has encountered a problem.


Please try the following:
Load the page again by clicking the Refresh button in your web browser.
Open the home page, then try to open another page.
Click the Back button to try another link.

The forum technical staff have been notified of the error, though you may contact them if the problem persists.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

That's what I get when I try to update my gallery after fulling all categories (name fo serie, character...). After that I try to use the "refresh button", or to work with another page. But I still have this page.

#40 *Shiva* on 12 years ago

Ayne ~ you should probsabaly PM a mod about it, as I think it should have gone through by now, but they could have a better answer for you. :)

As for the costume icons, thanks for asking - no, character artwork isn't allowed as icons, even for in-progress costumes, although unfortunately, a lot of people do that anyway, and they have to be deleated. You do have a couple of options though - you can leave it blank, or once constuction has begun, I use a photo of the costume in-progress - lying on the cutting table, etc.

#41 NewtonsLaw on 12 years ago

How do I delete my account?

#42 *Shiva* on 12 years ago

PM Admin.

#43 Vikku on 11 years ago

Ugh, I really wish there was some way to change your screen name! I don't want to start another account because then I would loose all my views and comments! Hopefully this is something that will be changed. It would even be great if there was a resrtiction like each account could only change their screen name once so you guys don't get all those problems you had in the past.
*Sigh* I am really sick of my screen name here and want it changed.

#44 Agate on 11 years ago

eventually, will we be able to select a cover photo for the sub-albums in our gallery?

#45 *Shiva* on 11 years ago

Eventually, perhaps, as Admin has not completely finished the upgrades to the galleries which began a couple of years ago. It's been requested a lot, and I'm sure its on the list of things to do, but I doubt there's anyone who could give you a time table on that. . . :)