Okay let me see how many koreans are here...

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#1 susugeki86 on 12 years ago

I only see one thread here.

For being korean, I couldn't just let this thread go :)

Okay, any *active* koreans?

#2 Nightmare on 12 years ago

I'm not Korean. But I live here.

#3 Aya Mizu on 12 years ago

Korean gal in L.A. here :)

#4 hibekisensai on 12 years ago

i started a thread on this like 10 months ago...i think it disappeared due to inactivity...but yeah, korean guy here! kpride or die!! haha. :)

#5 jangdh99 on 12 years ago

Now activated~! ㅋㅋㅋ..

#6 Forgotten on 12 years ago

Anyong -^ ^! Korean girl in Pomona California. It's good to see that there's some koreans in this site. XD

#7 rlynn on 12 years ago

well, i doubt if this is what you meant...but i'm half korean. my mum come to the u.s. during the vietnam war in her 30s.

#8 Ecristy85 on 12 years ago

If by korean you mean ethnicity then yes I am 1005 korean; but my soul has grown upon western soil, so I'm not your average korean chick. I'll kick anyone's ass for a matter (unless they're cute then I won't have the will to do so)

#9 Krnchichiri on 12 years ago

*raises hand* ME!

Well, I'm white-washed though...

#10 SeoulYuja on 12 years ago

koreans yay! i'ma korean too, and I act like one kinda ^^; though I'm a twinkie >< yeah you can say I'm a fob poseur

#11 twinkie on 11 years ago

hey, damn you for making fun of my twinkie people. XD
jk jk

i don't know why i was reading this.... bored.

#12 BobandFroggie on 11 years ago

me! but me not that white washed..... i do taekowndo???

anyway...its good to see korean people are here....um *runs away*

#13 toby on 11 years ago

it's ME! ^^~

#14 Mr. SmartyPants on 11 years ago

Korean here too! From Baltimore, Maryland. =D

#15 AshAndG4ry on 11 years ago

fobabee [spelling?] in georgia.

i wanna speak japanese, though.

[so unkorean]

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