Cosplay Size Calculator - A program to scale the size of a costume to your own

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#1 Drakkashi on 11 years ago

This is a program based on an idea I had, for making it more simple for anyone to scale a costume on a picture with your own size.
I think it's pretty generel, because it helps you on making your patterns for your costume, so I thought it would fit this forum very well.

The program was made by Martin Dilling-Hansen. It's a calculator which helps you compare the size of a cosplay prop. to your own size, so that you may scale the size of the prop. correctly with your own size. It is also useful, if you need to know the length of a certain piece. The calculator should be simple for everyone to use.
The calculator still isn't finished yet, and the corrent version is still missing some functions.

You can downloade the Cosplay Size Calculator from the link underneath. Further more, Martin has made a Tutorial for the program, since it may seem hard to use for some. The tutorial is a video uploaded on youtube, where Martin will explain how to use all the aspects of the program, while he shows it on the screen.

[B][CENTER][URL=""]Cosplay Size Calculator[/URL][/B]
Version: 0.7.2
Last update: 7. November 2009
Creator: Martin Dilling-Hansen
Idea: Daniel Svejstrup Christensen

New features
[U]Now you can measure the height not only by the Y axis.
Support for Feet/Inches.[/U]

Bug fixes
[U]Some bugs which effected the calculator's function to save your lengths has been fixed.[/U]

Features to come
[U]Help file
3 fixed sizes: Small, Medium, Large
(Edit Point 1), (Edit Point 2) function for the two buttons are missing.[/U][/CENTER]

#2 Shadowoffire123 on 11 years ago

Ooh, that's a useful app. Thanks for making it.

#3 Drakkashi on 11 years ago

The program has already had it's first update, which allows saving and loading of projects. It also allows to set a default height.

I hope you'll find it even more useful with this update ^^

#4 Jequila on 11 years ago

Took me a minute to figure out what I'm supposed to do, but it looks promising.
The window is too tall though, I can't see the whole thing. And there doesn't appear to be a way to resize it?

#5 Drakkashi on 11 years ago

No, there's no way to resize the window atm.
But I'll speak with Martin about it, since I see no reason to restrict the size.
He is programming on the Calculator almost everyday (if not actually everyday), so you will prouble see new updates comming rapidly.
And please keep the suggestions and reports comming, so we can have errors fixed and upgrades applied! :D

I will also have a video-tutorial for the program added on youtube in the near future. It will be embed on my website, so that it'll be easy to find.
This sould help people getting a fast grip on how to use the program. ^^

#6 han-pan on 11 years ago

I think I'm going to wait to try to download it until it's a little more permanent, or at least an entire version 1.0 xD My personal opinion. But it should be beyond incredibly helpful. ^^

#7 Drakkashi on 11 years ago

Martin says that if you could change the size of the window, he would have to do a whole lot more programming to make the pixels show correctly.
However, because of the major difference the window will have for different screens, the program will be updated with 3 fixed sizes: Small, Medium and Large. This won't be one of our next updates though, but it is to come!
I hope this will do for your request, Jequila. ^^

#8 Jequila on 11 years ago

Awesome, as long as I can actually see the whole window ^^;; Will you be posting in this thread when you make updates?

#9 Drakkashi on 11 years ago

Yes, I can see that's a rather big problem xD
And I'll write here everytime a new update is out, and what the changes are.

and with that said: I release the v. 0.5.3 CSC ^^

New features:
Preview in save and load dialogs
Added Manage Project, so it's possible to delete projects

Features to come:
Picture information
Help file
3 fixed sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Bug fixes:
Fixed "List index out of bounds (-1)" in the save/load popup
Fixed picture type error, when saving another picture format
Fixed problem when trying to save while no picture is loaded

I still prefer if people would download the beta version, and reply with any improvement they find useful, to make it even better.
Because once the 1.0 version is out, there'll be a lot longer time betwine each update.

#10 han-pan on 11 years ago

I still prefer if people would download the beta version, and reply with any improvement they find useful, to make it even better.
Because once the 1.0 version is out, there'll be a lot longer time betwine each update.[/QUOTE]

This is true, but I'm not the type of person who will use it often enough for it to matter so much o.o; Plus, I'd probably have to download a new one every time I use it. That's how infrequently I need this kind of info :P

#11 Drakkashi on 11 years ago

It was more like a generel oppinion, rather than an reply to your post. But I hope you'l be happy with the final result ^^
- That way you'll always be sure to have the newest version too. :p

#12 Drakkashi on 11 years ago

v. 0.6.1 is now out for download! (this version contains a major change)

New features:
'Delete All' function added
Dots to mark where you point on the picture
A new, more advanced, way to save length of different part
(you still have the notes box, so don't worry)
After lot of problems, I've also made it possible to save/load the new data
Added the Version History window in the Help menu

Features to come:
Picture information
Help file
3 fixed sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Bug fixes:
Not really a bug, but now I tell you anyway
I fucked up the most of the code, when I added the new features,
but I think I got it all fixed. Please tell me if I missed something.
And I almost deleted all my programming projects, while tying to
add the 'Delete All' feature, and some of them is ALL gone.
But at least we still have this. So really hope you like it.

Now you can also download a verion which has sample data, to show how you can use it!

#13 Drakkashi on 11 years ago

I've found some errors in the corrent version, but because of christmas Martin haven't had time to make a lot of fixes.
But we hope to have a new version done very soon!

#14 Drakkashi on 11 years ago

Because of serial errors in the current version of the Cosplay Size Calculator, I'v decided to make a roll-back to the classic version, which had less functions, so it was more simple to use and didn't have any devastating errors. I hope Martin will start working on fixing some of thise errors, and finish the Cosplay Size Calculator soon, but until then you'll be able to downloade the Classic Cosplay Size Calculator from a link in the first post.

#15 fev on 11 years ago

very very awesome caculator Drakkashi! So much better than tossing it into photoshop and having to measure stuff in there (after having to resize the thing and diddle with the resolution/ppi blahblahblahWANK

While you're working on updates, I hope you don't mind my sharing a couple workarounds in the meantime. If you have a problem with my doing so mr Drak, I can go and vape the post!

-When I popped it open, I saw that it listed everything in CM, but considering its more of a numbercrunching deal, I just went and put down the needed initial height in inches anyways (ex 65" and -not- 5'5") , without converting to cm. it'll of course, turn up prop sizes like "22.4" or something, but its fine, and can easily be put to use, so no need to go crunching on both ends :)

-if you make the initial initial body measurement (the height) wrong, it doesn't appear that you can change it and have the change affect the measurements that were already taken . after saving the project, open the related .cos file from the save folder in a text editor (ie notepad), and just change the height in the text file. When you open it again in the calc, the lengths will recalculate.

-typos in labeled measurements can be fixed in the aforementioned .cos file as well

suggestionwise, can't think of anything beyond being able to change the initial measurement and edit element names within the program.

zooming in on the image would be nice as well, but thats something y'all are already working on...

thanks again for this wonderful program!