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#1 Shivilow on 5 years ago

I've looked on YouTube and didn't find any make up tutorials for Azkadeilla from Tin Man so if any of y'all can help me that would be great. Below is a picture of the look I'm going for.


#2 norqa on 5 years ago

Instead of searching for a character specific tutorial, you could serch for videos on a natural smokey eye (personally those remind me of Kim Kardashians usual eye makeup) and videos on contouring to define your cheek bones and the sides of your nose. Also if needed, videos on how to create fuller lips.

#3 spookehdoom on 5 years ago

Her eye makeup is almost Visual Kei... It's definitely a smokey eye though, with a bit of a heavy white highlight on the inner corner and noticeable contouring on her nose. Look up nose contouring/facial contouring. She doesn't have her cheeks contoured, just wearing blush.

Her eye makeup essentially looks like smoked out/blended out black in a wing shape, with gray or black very well blended on the lower lash line. Her lips are slightly overdrawn, most noticeable [URL=""]here[/URL]. You'll most likely want to use gray, black and white eyeshadow and be prepared to blend heavily. The black/gray is soft but the white highlight on the inner corner is harsher, only blended slightly. The highlight goes only very slightly onto the lid, then slightly blended into the lid colors with no blending on the lower lash line; I made bad notes [URL=""]here[/URL], where the lines are is where the white highlight stops on the lower lash line but blends in a little on the lid. You'll need lip liner for her lips, to map out the shape/style. I hope that makes sense.