Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Group?

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#1 Zexiitheschemer on 7 years ago

Hullo there, minna-san! c:

I was just posting this because,
Me and a couple of friends have started a cosplay group here in Orlando.
We're mostly Kingdom Hearts, and we're looking for some other cosplayers. ;o;

We have
~Zexion (Me.)

If not, a simple meetup would be AWESOME! We could take pictures and perhaps vlog for my youtube channel. c:
~MegaCon 2014 m:)

#2 Zexiitheschemer on 7 years ago

By the way, contact me here : [url][/url]
or at [email][email protected][/email]

#3 figment1986 on 6 years ago

great to see a kingdom hearts group, I just got a roxas work in progress happening.. not the best, my parents bought it for me as a surprise. maybe i'll see ya at megacon this year.