Any 2013 Rosario+ Vampire Cosplayers?

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#1 Danteisagenius on 6 years ago

Hey everyone! My little sis and I are planning on going as characters from Rosario+Vampire for this year's Youmacon and were just wondering if we'll have any other Yokai Academy students to be on the lookout for. I know this may seem a bit early, but it would be nice to know which charcters will be present so that I can know which to be in order to best "complete the cast," so to speak. Thanks much! :sunny:

(P.S.(oh, and by the way, my sister will be koko, and I may be Kurumu or Moka, depending on their current popularity.))

#2 Just For Fun on 6 years ago

Pretty cool! Since Youmacon starts right on Halloween, I'm gonna be a creature of the night and bust out the current manga version of Tsukune. I'll also be wearing Tsukune's standard school uniform sporadically throughout the rest of the convention. Hope to see you girls around the con. Yokai Academy unite!

#3 Danteisagenius on 6 years ago

Sweet! See ya there!