Very Fast Questioning About New York Comic Convention 2013

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#1 Tannaliese on 6 years ago

This is being my second time to go to New York Comic Convention and for me, I am taking a few friend and my younger sister so I am been trying to get every thing organized.

I am suscribing to the convention web site so I am being sending emails for who is coming to the convention and so and so. But there is being so much I am not knowing yet because they are not posted it on their web site.

Will they be emailing us when the website is having some official manual or guide? Or a map? "Will the convention be having a maskurade?" my sister is asking me now. (Just for me, since I am not knowing this, what is a maskurade? I saw, going last year, they had a costume show and gave them prizes. Is that the maskurade?)

It is just seeming to me that they are waiting very last minute to be doing these things if the convention is being only a month away?

#2 eebee on 6 years ago

Heya! I've been going to NYCC for years now, and hopefully I can answer some of your questions. :)

NYCC usually posts the full schedule and map a couple weeks before the con. You should start keeping an eye out for them mid-September. It takes them a while to get all the panels scheduled and confirmed. Ditto for the full guest list - expect people to be added and removed right up to when the con actually starts. They will start trying to make committed statements about guests and autograph times and such mid-September. They'll probably send an email when the floor map and the schedule are posted. This last-minute-ness is pretty typical of cons, in my experience. There are lots of late changes by guests and such, and they're pretty hard-pressed to get everything confirmed and scheduled when it gets down to the end.

Comicon had a masquerade in 2011, but not last year. I have no idea if they intend to have one this year.

#3 Tannaliese on 6 years ago

^_^ Ah, very much thankfulness for your fast replying Eebee. I am in assuming that if they are to be having a maskurade, they will be saying this with other more complete plans when they are being released 'mid-september' yes? I will tell my sister this then.
It is I confess a very strange way to make a convention schdule, to wait so last minute. But I am guessing a lot of things are changing like guests and panels so I am guessing this is the way they are having to do this. I am just very grateful they are even making a complete schdule. Other wise I am being very worried.
Thank you again Eebee and thank you to for a very helping post board. :)

#4 TheAnarCHris on 6 years ago

Tanna- There's no longer a masquerade at NYCC. 2011 was the last year.

And most cons don't release their schedule until a few weeks until the show. Like you said, it has to do a lot with booking guests and exhibitors, making sure the panels books all work out, and other factors.

#5 mrgetalife on 6 years ago

If they continue what they've been doing. They do daily costume contests but nothing that's really a big deal. Its basically first few people to sign up get to walk up. Its based upon what people like rather than any other criteria.

#6 tsukeru on 6 years ago

Why did NYCC get rid of their cosplay contest? I always presumed a comic con had one.

#7 TheAnarCHris on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=tsukeru;4749518]Why did NYCC get rid of their cosplay contest? I always presumed a comic con had one.[/QUOTE]

There's daily costume contests because the actual masquerade was a logistical nightmare to run. The only space where you could do it right was the IGN theatre, and that was usually occupied by bigger events. The last time they tried that, the show ran way later than planned and was kinda a mess on all ends.