New costume: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind!

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#1 Nandra on 6 years ago

Hey, fellow Miyazaki fans! I thought I'd share my new cosplay with you: Nausicaa, princess of the Valley of the Wind. I finished rereading the series a few weeks before Fanime, and couldn't resist trying to bring her to life for the con. It meant a lot of work, without (by my standards) a lot of time - but I'm so happy I got to be this remarkable character for a day!


I hope you like it! ^.^
Next step: making a Teto plushie, (a) to complete the costume and (b) on general principle, because who doesn't want a squirrel fox?

#2 Ends Beginning on 6 years ago

I think it looks great! I can't wait to see you Teto plush. I made a Kodama plush to go with my Ashitaka cosplay. He's so derpy and pose able which makes him adorable.

#3 Xhh713 on 5 years ago

OMG.... That's amazing!!!! Would love to see how to made it. Been wanting to make her outfit for a while

#4 Traveller7 on 4 years ago

Thats really cool, looks great.

#5 lemuries on 4 years ago

Great job! I would absolutely ask for a picture if I saw you at a con. I love Nausicaa and you really bring her to life!