Claymore 2012

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#1 ~Alandra~ on 7 years ago

Alright so after attending my first NDK just 2 weeks ago, and not even seeing another Claymore cosplayer there, Im hoping to get some kind of Claymore representation for 2012. So Im thinking why not start off with the idea super early so people can let the idea sink in? Its such a good anime/manga. Just needs more love! =D Who else is interested in this idea?

#2 sanriah on 7 years ago

I do love claymore however my friend and i hav already decided on our cosplays for next year miku and gumi from the matryoshka video, id love to see how ur cosplay turns out tho :)

#3 ~Alandra~ on 7 years ago

Aww, well I do hope to draw up some interest. ^^