Fruits Basket/Furuba cosplay

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#1 Flowery on 15 years ago


#2 Winry on 15 years ago

After I watch an anime there's a 40% chance I'll do cosplay of a character from it. I'll think about doing it, but never really get around to it. I can get sorta lazy sometimes..n_n;;

#3 Flowery on 15 years ago


#4 Bahzi on 15 years ago

I've been planning on doing a Tohru costume for a long time, since I've got my little Kyo to pose with...can't very well take him to cons (although he'd just sleep the whole time in my arms...very obedient well behaved cat), but I was planning on finding a photographer in the area (like the kind who does senior pics) because my senior pics were paid for by my mother who wouldn't let me cosplay for them...or even wear my normal clothes for one pose. I almost bid on the Tohru costume Rogue had for sale last year, but then I had no money (college student). Hers was awesome, but I bet if I looked around I could find another one on ebay thats at least decent. I've already got enough costumes to work on to keep me busy, I just wanted to inclde my Kyo in the photoshoot. ^_^

#5 Flowery on 15 years ago


#6 SaiyenGirl on 15 years ago

I was thinking of cosplaying Kagura, but not now since I've got way too many other costumes with deadlines on them. I actually found a pair of pants and a shirt in my closet that look exactly like Kyo's regular everyday outfit (the dark green pants and black shirt), so maybe I'll do a fem ver. of Kyo, who knows. Absolutely love Fruits Basket, I can't wait to get around to doing a costume from it.

#7 Hanyaan on 15 years ago

I'm seriously thinking of doing another little-kid crossplay and cosplaying as Momiji, if I manage to get my Kohaku, Death, and Phibrizzo costumes done first. The only things that are really holding me back are the complexity and expensiveness of one of my higher-priority costumes (meaning it'll take longer to finish and I might not have enough money left over) and my quest to find a good costume of his that DOESN'T involve bright orange, since that color is truly horrendous on me.

Funny thing, I was watching Furuba about ten minutes ago right before my dad kicked me off the TV...too bad I don't have any DVDs but the first, and I deleted all my fansubs like a good little girl so I'll have to spend money to find a Momiji outfit that doesn't involve bright yellow or bright orange. Egads.

#8 kelldar on 15 years ago

I'm nearly finished with my Tohru for katsucon... I usually don't like doing school uniforms but I'm so excited to be going as Tohru! :D
I actually have a random, thrown-together Hatsuharu costume that I've never taken pictures of. Actually I dont' even think I've had it all on at the same time ever...

#9 Winry on 15 years ago

I forgot to mention I made a Tohru school uniform costume for Otakon '03. My friend match together some clothes for Momiji, but I think she should have went with his school uniform instead.

#10 Tenshi on 15 years ago

Furuba is one of my absolute faves! I've cosplayed as Tohru (and I probably will again, since it's so comfortable ^^). Here's a pic of it: [url][/url]

I almost did Tohru in that puffy lemomy lolita dress she wears in episode 19 (I think), but I lost interest.

There was a transformed Kyou and Momiji at AX this year. They were both so adorable! I have a few pics from the AX Furuba gathering on my cosplay site (hint: click on "packs her bags" ^^)

#11 Tora on 15 years ago

Woo! I've got a list to finish right now, but I [i]really[/i] want to do a Hatsuharu outfit (white-trench and all). I LOVE his style! And I've already got ideas for the hair.

Definately something I'm going to consider for AMA and/or Otakon.

#12 Flowery on 15 years ago


#13 Hitori on 15 years ago

That's an adorable Toru^_^ I've done an Ayame miself, and a Kagura for a friend. I *heart* Ayame, he's mi animated, male self. In the works are a few more of his manga outfits, his wedding dress, and his high school uniform - purple coat outfit. Ya~y for Ayame XD

#14 *Jibrielle* on 15 years ago

Hmm Fruits Basket cosplay....I want to cosplay them all!! ^____^. Hmm but on my list I have: Ayame, Kyo and one of the prince yuki fan club girls =p

#15 Tenshi on 15 years ago

Sandra Bullock? LOL!!! I guess I kinda do in those pictures, but I've never gotten that one before ^_^.