Cosplayers from italy?

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#1 Eruytmonsthar on 7 years ago

Erm hi?
So, i'm 18 years old girl from Finland and i'm moving to Italy next month. Rome, actually.
I don't know anyone from there and i would love to make new friends, meet other cosplayers and stuff like that.

Please contact me or post here or something, thank you : I

#2 Eruytmonsthar on 6 years ago

...and maybe the best idea try to write something in hurry. So yes. Now I live in Rome. But i still have no idea about any conventions, cosplayers... friends? Well yes i got friends now but they don't even know what cosplay is so i'm not going to drag them with me to anything...

I have still 8 months left in Rome and i'm not going to spend all this time without crazy ppl with crazy costumes. I brought couple costumes from finland and i hope that i can get a sewing machine from somewhere so i can do some moooaaar... Please ppl help me :I I'm lost and bored and bored and lost without amazing lastminutepanics because my costume is not ready and convention is in 8 hours ! Yes, i most desperately, insanely need you!