WE GO! One Piece 2013

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#1 Karitsa on 6 years ago

Welcome to the One Piece 2013 photoshoot thread!

TIME: Saturday from 4PM-6PM

LOCATION: TCC3 ([url=https://dl.dropbox.com/u/24359255/PhotoshootLocations2013Beta2%20copy.jpg]Click for reference image[/url])
This is the large grassy area in front of the TCC near the sign, where the Fairy Tale photoshoot was held last year.

EVENTS: Singing the shorter, made-for-television version of WE ARE at the end of the shoot.
infernochakram will be in charge of the music, so please make sure you have this song for us! Thanks, Sanji-chin~

#2 Karitsa on 6 years ago

Saved for space! Feel free to post~ <3

#3 Yukinosama on 6 years ago

Yay New Thread!!!
And double yay for being the first to respond :P (But I guess that's to be expected of the first mate mwahaha :3)

Since Captain Keimi is suuuuuupaaaar busy, I will be doing the character list! I've gone through this thread and made the list, if it's incorrect/you've changed your character, just let me know!! Cheers!

[U]Straw Hats[/U]
Sanji - Sushied
TS Sanji - infernochakram
TS Zoro - Chipface
Thriller Bark Usopp - Scathefir3's friend
Luffy - Titania19's friend
Nami (?) - Titania19
Female Luffy - Siyome's friend

[U]Fishmen & Merfolk[/U]
Keimi - Karitsa
Madam Shyarly - Kireikage
Shirahoshi - sparklypink

[U]Shichibukai/War Lords[/U]
Boa Hancock - ValentinaH

Tashigi - Chipface's gf
Tashigi - kelso
TS Tashigi - xxnamisanxx

Perona - GoddessDigi
Perona - Scathefir3
Bearsy - Scathefir3's bf
Cindry - Scathefir2's friend

TS Eustass Kid - TJRapper
TS Killer - TJRapper's friend
Jewelry Bonney - siuxsiu

[U]Super Awesome Others[/U]
??? - Yukinosama
??? - Yukinosama's friend
Toddler Luffy & Dragon & Garp - LordJecks & family
Female Ace - Siyome

#4 Karitsa on 6 years ago

Just for you! ;D

#5 ☆ KEITA on 6 years ago

Not sure what exactly but I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing One Piece again next year! C:

#6 Nightwitch-Kat on 6 years ago

I maaaaay do Tashigi's timeskip outfit

#7 Rizu-Zeto on 6 years ago

If I do manage to go to AN next year I'll be going as Madame Shyarly

#8 Karitsa on 6 years ago

Nice choices so far! Hope you guys can join us again~ <3

#9 harudae on 6 years ago

Between timeskip Robin (I've always wanted to cosplay her but I feel like I'm 2 feet too short even with heels "orz) or genderbend Zoro! :3

#10 Karitsa on 6 years ago

Yeah, I feel the same way with Robin, only I'm incredibly short, freakishly pale, and am severely lacking in the chest area, hahaha!

Gender-bend Zoro would be so cute! There's always a handful of gender-bends at the shoot. I think we had at least five this year. If I were to do a gender-bend version of someone, I think I'd have to go with Franky! Still sticking with Keimi though. XD

#11 Trumble on 6 years ago

Yes A [b]suuuuuuuper[/b] New Thread!!

#12 ☆ KEITA on 6 years ago

Actually since I'm making Law for Fan Expo, I might just bring him out for AN next year, depending on how costume progress goes around that time lol.

#13 Karitsa on 6 years ago

Yes and YES! XD

No internet until the weekend. (Not that I post frequently or anything... *shifty eyes*)
Just thought I'd say something in case someone is trying to reach me!

Keep the cosplay plans coming! :)

#14 Trumble on 6 years ago

I was made for lovin you baybay!
You were made for loving me!!

#15 infernochakram on 6 years ago

awesome! also sorry if i sounded like a jerk asking about this.

next year i'm kind of uncertain of. obviously i will go to the shoot as Sanji but i'm thinking i may want to do another cosplay like Riku from Kingdom Hearts or possibly another OP costly. trying to figure out what to do....