Rose Tyler Empty Child Cosplay Ideas

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#1 thenexttimelord on 6 years ago

HI!! :D

So I've been working on my Rose Tyler Cosplay. I have the Union Jack Shirt, and am able to put my hair as she does in the episode. I need some advice on the jacket, pants and shoes.

For the jacket, I have a leather jacket I've been using for the cosplay so far. I'm not sure what the jacket she uses is called and haven't been able to find it. I am sorta on a budget so Ive been looking for it at a price somewhere below $50 is thats possible.
The leather jacket I'm using is here. But its black not grey:

So about the shoes, I've looked up the blue timberland that it is said she wears, but those are a bit out of my price range so does anyone have any other ideas of shoes. I own a pair of leather black ankle boots with heels that I was thinking of wearing but I' not sure. Any ideas??

#2 patriciarakel on 6 years ago


Quick search on google turned this up on the original jacket. I's say it looks like a bomber jacket made out of some sort of windbreaker material, with a hood. My first thought is to turn to ebay. You won't find an exact match in your price range, but you can find something close. And since Rose wears a ton of different jackets, getting close is okay with her. It'll be hard to find a jacket with as much knit at the bottom as the original. If you're against ebay, you can check with thrift stores or other online retailers. Forever 21 sometimes has similar jackets. As for the shoes, you might try chunky blue tennis shoes (the tops of the shoes are mostly hidden during the episode anyways) or try to find a cheap pair of work boots and paint them the right color. Again, you may find something in a local thrift store. If you do go with ebay and want any help finding anything, I'm usually pretty good at finding decent matches at a fair price.

#3 thenexttimelord on 6 years ago

Thank you again for your help! I shall keep an eye out. I'm gonna look around my neighboring thrift stores and such. Hopefully, I may can find some similar shoes. As for the jack I'm not entirely sure. I'm going to keep looking. I like the ebay idea:) They sometimes have good stuff on there :)