Anyone Interested in a free Photoshop retouching?

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#1 Qwo on 6 years ago

I'm serious:)
I for the first time, the foreign board experience.
I use the Google translator.

*Anyone interested in a Photoshop retouching?
I'll make sure to free.
Do not worry. Think pictures like my photos^^

Incidentally, My Work Preference is..
I like a fantastic representation and a little ingenuity:)

#2 SweeneyTodd on 6 years ago

Sure! I'd love a free photo re-touch

Do you want me to send you a photo?

#3 Qwo on 6 years ago

My email : [email][email protected][/email]

#4 Qwo on 6 years ago


#5 Qwo on 6 years ago

Yes, I sent my mail to your Deviantart. ^^

#6 SweeneyTodd on 6 years ago

Oh wonderful! Thanks!

#7 ChaosFoxCostuming on 6 years ago

Sure send me a PM on DA or something I wouldn't mind.

#8 Qwo on 6 years ago

Um.. you mean, you don't mind to i choose whichever photo?
It's okay.
But if you have photo to want retouching,
Send the photo to my email.

#9 Qwo on 6 years ago

Thank you for all ps mail!:)
I finished on this time.