masquerade prize not received

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#1 careko on 6 years ago

hi, I won in the master division.
When I went to get my prize, they told me they didn't had anymore ribbons left. that would post it to me. I still haven't received anything.

Will I be sent one, or do I have to wait till next year to claim it? (happened to me at fan expo, they just gave it to me the year after...)

just want to know please.

thank you

#2 Mokmo on 6 years ago

I see you've posted through the convention's official website, hopefully you'll get an answer. Let's hope that badge didn't get lost in the mail...

#3 jusdepomme on 6 years ago

I think that right now, they don't have a director so no one is there to read the emails or answer the questions. I do hope for you that someone will take charge of it soon so you can have the final answer

#4 Zhor'Fughakee on 6 years ago

It happened to me once, I won it in March and received it in August through the mail... Don't worry, you'll receive it I'm pretty sure :)