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#31 Lovelychristina on 7 years ago

Information added :3

I also Give you guys credit here for the advice. Like Mentioned there is a Word limit so I'm leaving extra room for more advice. I also added info for shoes Bout gel inserts !

#32 Lovelychristina on 7 years ago

Added to and edit the Travel Information.

#33 Undertaker^^ on 7 years ago

Wow this is perfect i read the whole thing, thanks for your hard work...^^

#34 onsenmark on 7 years ago

I thought of a couple additional points; you can fit them where ever you wish:

1) Sometimes the hotel will have a coin laundry; this could come in handy if you need to do a quick load of laundry while you're taking a break from the con/you're done with the con for the night/con's over and you have the hotel for one more night so why not?. If you go this route, you might have to bring enough detergent for whatever clothes you're washing(unless the hotel has some in the gift shop/convenience mart/whatever), along with saving enough cash to actually DO said laundry(wash and dry).

2) FEBREZE. You can actually get small travel-sized bottles of Febreze; I picked one up at OfficeMax, and I refill it with larger, store-bought bottles. It helps for when you might run out of clothes, and you have no access to a laundry.

And that's all I can think of...

#35 Lovelychristina on 7 years ago

NiwaNiwa- I already added that :) "Ask before glomping or touching"

Onsenmark- I added the Febreze to it and the Laundry area. Thank you!

#36 BlackMaiko on 7 years ago

Can anyone give some advice as towards packing props, such as staffs and such, for across country travel on the bus?

#37 hirochan28 on 7 years ago

Just a few thing to add (if they're already there, sorry, I didnt really have time to read it yet >///<):

Hotels: If you're going with a group, it's useful to find hotels that have low priced suites (they're called extended stay hotels, because they're for people if they need to stay in a hotel for a few weeks). My personal favorites are those run by Marriott - like a residence inn or a springhill suites. What's great about suites is that they usually have at least a mini fridge/microwave in them, and some even have full kitchens, so you can really save money on meals by going grocery shopping and cooking for yourself. Ex: I fed dinner to a group of five (when I took my anime club to Toracon one year) on only $25. We just went to a nearby grocery store and bought cheap, healthy food. You can also make/bring your own food for lunches - my friends and I ate canned tuna for lunch at Otakon one day :p Finding hotels that have free breakfast also helps save money, and it's another reason I love Marriott hotels.

Also: make sure you're comfortable during the day. Nothing kills a good experience faster than passing out from heatstroke because it was 105 degrees and you wouldn't take off your wool coat for your cosplay, passing out from dehydration or starvation, or from your costume hurting you in some way (being too tight, or too hard to get out of to pee or w/e :p lol)

Third: if you're going in a group, make sure you have everyone's cell numbers, or if they don't have a cell, make sure they are with someone who does. When I went to my first con, we left one of my friends who was without a phone at a showing, thinking that we'd go back and get her when it was over. She got bored and wandered off, and we lost her for about two or three hours. It was scary. :(

#38 Ororo Monroe on 7 years ago

Thank you. I'll be giving this to all who travel with me in the future.