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#16 oOShadowsOo on 8 years ago

Wow. You're awesome for posting this. Thanks :D And as for the food goes, unless there's like a Mc Donalds or something near by, (which there rarely is) we just bring our own stuff xD That saves money for us and we just come back to the hotel and eat.

#17 Momomizu on 8 years ago

Thanks for this, although I must say, I didnt understand con funk until I went to Anime USA. Now I get it....I declare, next time I'm bringing a big bottle of spray deodorant and febreze and i will willingly spray anyone who wants it, for free!

#18 DaemonForce on 8 years ago

I live in a really weird location that enables relatively good coordination so for me it's like this:
Badge - First purchase.
Hotel - I can't bypass this. It has to be a trusted name and reserved quickly or no go.
Train - Third purchase. The sooner the better. $10~80 per trip isn't too bad.
Plane - Not doing this ever again after last year's Anime Expo. TSA can bite my balls.
Bus/Ship/Rail - These are hell to investigate but the cheapest and most useful.
Food - I need to work on this. I just don't eat normally.
Pocket money - Gradually built between cons and insanely overdone. People hate me over this.
GPS - Everything happens. Construction, holidays, falling asleep...Know where you are.

I'm incredibly simple and the simplicity is powerful enough to where other stuff doesn't enter the picture.

Be respectful to the Hotel Staff - I cannot stress this enough. These are very good people with ordinary jobs assisted by strong moral guidelines and spirit. They talk, eat, work, sleep and stress just like you do. They are here to serve you and make your experience less stressful. [b]DO NOT PESTER THEM![/b] I'm an evil malicious bastard and even I treat them with the same level of respect I would a war veteran or civil servant. Act stupid around them and you will suffer the consequences. I shouldn't have to point this out but I've had bad experiences last year because of stupid people.

Keep your Messes clean and do not destroy convention/hotel property - Directly related to the hotel. If you room with new people that won't respect the hotel and staff, get out of that situation as fast as you can. I know it will hurt your wallet but it's far easier to wash your hands of a small mess rather than letting it blow up in your face. It happened to me last year and I'm still not over it and the severe stress it caused. Being annoying to staff is rude. Mistreating a wealthy and generous roommate that made your attendance easy and stressless is worse. Room stuffing is disrespectful to the hotel. Smoking, excessively drinking and partying is also disrespectful to the hotel and staff. Lying to your roommates or expecting one roommate to follow unexplained rules is insane drama waiting to explode in [i]your[/i] face. Not paying your debts is immoral. Don't ****ing let these things happen or you'll ruin the experience not only for others but for yourself, possibly ruining your experiences at future cons as well.

Person stalking/Harassment - Despite the problems I've had with these creepy kinds of people my entire life, I've tried forgetting about them but they're sometimes at cons. I've had some people stalk me at cons the past few years and that was okayish with me because they usually lose interest pretty fast. Last year, someone finally started harassing me every chance she got over EVERYTHING and seeing as how I don't like to involve other people in my situations, I thought it best to tell her off. She summoned security, staff and a number of other people and caused several problems for me afterwards despite her causing trouble for me. It basically ruined my entire con experience(and probably the future of the con) because someone decided to be a nuisance. The general rule is that security is there for you, granted you're the one that summons them. They won't listen to you otherwise.

I hope that reinforces those things that have been stated here. These should be common sense but most people don't focus on these details. It's a shame really.

#19 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

Actually there is a Limit on how many letters you can put in the Post.I think I max most of them out O>O

#20 tifaia on 8 years ago

Really great list for first time convention goers.

Another thing I'd suggest to add, as I didn't see this on the list:

Listen to convention staff members. If they ask you to do something, follow their rules or you may be finding yourself kicked out. It's in the same line as being courteous to hotel staff. Staff members are there to keep you and everyone else safe by following the rules. Example: Some cities have strict panhandling laws such that signs offering a service, i.e. Free Hugs, can result in you and the convention being ticketed from the police (some places the fees are hefty). Dallas recently updated their ordinance and has a zero tolerance policy at several high traffic areas. So if you have a staff member asking you to do something to comply with the rules, do it. Don't argue or question it. They really are trying to keep you and everyone else safe, even if it's a silly sign they want you to put away.

#21 Diamondinmyeye on 8 years ago

Great guide, really a well written and thought out. Might I suggest a "Things Not to Bring" section. Stuff like jewelry and maybe even iPods (for some, not all). Stuff that is valuable and you're unlikely to use or need during you convention visit.

#22 Diamondinmyeye on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Alucardalina;3774617]You listed badge on the first list twice.[/QUOTE]
I read that as though it was intentional. Extra confirmation type thing.

#23 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

Actually you caught it. I didn't notice it the several times, I've skimmed through it.

Dime- I just added that to the "Things to be aware" Section. Since there isn't alot that your not allowed to bring.

#24 azyryan on 8 years ago

I really want to make sure I have everything with me for the convention i'm going to in a few months. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates how detailed this is ^^

#25 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

Travel information Added.

#26 Xin^-^ on 8 years ago

quick question. if im cosplaying...where does one suggest i put my stuff? o.O
like cellphone and money
a bag would bring my cosplay downnn. n imma have my hands preoccupied with a sythe

#27 Tonwari on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Xin^-^;3901442]quick question. if im cosplaying...where does one suggest i put my stuff? o.O
like cellphone and money
a bag would bring my cosplay downnn. n imma have my hands preoccupied with a sythe[/QUOTE]

No pockets?

#28 Marika on 8 years ago

There is one thing that seems to get ignored at many conventions that should be listed as a priority, right up there with being polite to hotel staff: RESPECT OTHER HOTEL GUESTS.

Just because you're staying in the convention block doesn't give you the right to be loud and inconsiderate to other guests at 1, 2, 3am. You may be there to have fun, but you're also sharing the space with other people. Keep the noise levels down, keep the running in the halls down, and everybody stays happy.

#29 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Xin^-^;3901442]quick question. if im cosplaying...where does one suggest i put my stuff? o.O
like cellphone and money
a bag would bring my cosplay downnn. n imma have my hands preoccupied with a sythe[/QUOTE]

If you are a Girl You can Tuck it in your bra or binding shirt. Cleavage is the PERFECT pocket <3 (IMO my girls have saved me Many times) If your a Guy have a friend help carry it or Install hidden pockets in your outfit or pants.

Marika- Yes the noise is a GOOD thing to mention. Animazement 09 we could hear our neighbors 'pounding' on the wall... I found out how immature everyone in my room was *giggles*

NiwaNiwa- Yes Glasses and contacts X3 I'm learning that as I just got my own Contacts. :toothy:

I will update the info when I get home :3

#30 NatsuRei on 8 years ago

Let me divide my guide in 3 parts, namely PRE-CON, IN-CON, and POST-CON Protocols. In this post I'll talk about the first part.

PRE-CON Protocols:
Check your baggage the day before heading for the con. If you're like me who makes a check list of stuff to bring then don't forget to review your list on the day before heading to the con, and before you do head out. Here's a list of your must-haves especially if you're going to cross states:
1. MONEY. I can't stress this enough. You'll never know when you might run out of cash; do bring your credit card and keep it in your bag at all times (well, that's what I do), 'cause you'll never know when you might get robbed (gawd I hope not). It helps to go with friends so in case bad goes to worse you have people who got your back.
2. TICKET or BADGE. If you do forget this, I'm not so sure if you could still buy some on the venue. I guess that depends on the convention you're going to.
3. COSPLAY MATERIALS. This includes wigs, costumes, sewing kits, styling kits, make-up kits, props, prop-repair kits, etc. Never forget them, especially if you're cosplaying. I MEAN IT! What if you accidentally rip your skirt or sleeve? Certainly you can't call for a tailor. You need to bring matters to your own hands. I tried to learn a bit of repairs with clothes beforehand. Good thing that I haven't damaged my costumes yet and I never plan on doing so, but just in case, I'm ready. This applies as well with props: glue, tapes, and some scrap materials you used to make your props.
4. GPS DEVICE(s). Unless you're a natural-born pathfinder, this little wonder works like a charm. Saved my life a couple times. But do check the batteries before going and bring extra batteries.
5. EXTRA CLOTHES. Bring a bit more than you'd expect you'll use. Throw in two more shirts, or 3 more pairs of your undergarments. You don't want to end up reusing unwashed clothes, no no no.
6. HYGIENE KIT. Grooming products, hair-care products, toothpaste (I suggest the hand-held tube type with the screw cap), toothbrush (I always buy a new one just for the con), a bottle of lotion or sunscreen, your facial regimen, and towels. You don't wanna look bad, or smell bad in the con. It'll be no fun for you or the other con-goers.
7. FIRST AID KIT. If you're travelling by car, keep one in a compartment, if not bring a little kit with you. Normally what a simple kit will include are cotton balls, disinfectants, bandages, and the ol' reliable band-aid.

I rarely go crossing states for conventions, but whenever I did so, I never fail to complete the 7 on the list. And I travel with my posse to make sure. There's security in numbers. They provide you company in your travel and lodging. Now here are the other things you need to look into before going to the con venue.

1. LODGING. Now if you're a guy like me who works in a corporate setting. And now that I'm residing here in the Philippines for the meantime, I don't have to worry about hotels, I've got lots of friends here that are willing to give lodging. But one tip about lodging in a hotel: "Be nice to the hotel staff and you might just be rewarded".

2. FILE YOUR LEAVE. For example, the next con I'll be going to will be in September, and it'll fall on a Thursday. I'll be filing my leave from work from Wednesday til the end of the week by June-- which is a few months before the con. I will not risk my job just to go to the con, so I'll make sure I play my cards right.

3. GET A LOT OF REST. Once you step on the con, it'll be a long day, a very long day so drink lots of water, and get lots of bed rest. You don't wannna start the day all stressed-up and without sleep, right?

At the moment that's all I have in my mind. I'll post the rest in the following days. I hope this one helps at all.