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#1 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

Hello everyone, I was asked to repost the topic to this part of the forums by another user.

This post is for people who have questions on prepping for conventions. This is written to try and help answer some of the questions you may have about preparing for a con. What is written is for a normal 3-4 day stay. Though some can apply for a 1 day stay. This is mainly for the US since I do not know what conventions are like in other countries.

If you guys can think of anything else let me know Via Pm and I'll update it! I will not check this thread everyday so PM's are the best way of contacting me. If I'm wrong on anything please do inform me and I'll fix it.

[CENTER]~What to plan for~[/CENTER]
First map out the con you want to go to and look into the hotels around the area. You can find a list of most of the conventions @ [URL=""][/URL]. When you find a convention you would like to attend, you need to plan your budget. Most peoples budget would include the following;

Hotel - If your wanting to stay at a hotel.
Emergency funds- In case you lose your badge, get a flat tire, or anything else.
Spending money- If you feel like you want to buy stuff there.
Care for your pets and plants
GPS/Maps/Directions- Be sure you have the correct address to the hotel you will be staying at. The three listed will be very helpful getting you to a new convention in a new city. If you have to ask for directions, don't be afraid to pull over to the gas station and ask. Pay attention to the signs as they can be your best friends.

Also be aware of the State laws- For example in North Carolina you can have a radar detector on your dash and its perfectly legal! As soon as you cross the border into Virgina you need to pull that thing off and hide it. You can get in trouble for having one on which can lead to a hefty fine and risk it being confiscated. If your nice sometimes they will give it back at the border, if you paid the fine. That being said please do watch your speed. The hotel is always open 24/7 and can check you in at any times, so rushing there isn't worth your life. If your that worried call the hotel and let them know your running a bit behind.

If you are interested in Staffing and Volunteering;
Staff and Volunteering- So you wanna help out with the convention? That great! Conventions are always looking for helpers and will be willing to trade things for your work. You usually have to have a set amount of hours to work before you get anything. Some of the rewards can be Pins, T-shirts, Badge cost/free admission (sometimes) to the next time that particular Convention is held, and a free place to stay. Again you have to work a Set amount of hours to get these items and not every convention offers theses . To give you an Idea, I've pulled this off of AnimeUSA's rewards;
6 hrs: Pin
10 hrs: T-shirt
16 hrs: Badge Reimbursement
20 hrs: Room, Badge, T-shirt, Pin

If you want to be on staff a lot of times you'd have to be working there for a while and be recommended. Others you would just have to discuss with them and they will work something out. You usually have to be 18+ to work security.

#2 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

[CENTER]~Helpful information for planning your budget~[/CENTER]
Hotels- You can split a room cost evenly between people and yourself. Let's say if the hotel is $460 with taxes and you divide it by 4 you will each have to pay $115.00. That can be given to you before you go or when they arrive at the convention. All you have to do is to take the hotel cost and divide it with how many is staying in the room. Usually there are several different hotels around the convention area that you can check into. Sometimes its cheaper to stay at the main hotel, other times it isn't. If you have the convention's web page which you can find the convention website usually on [URL=""]Google[/URL] Please do be aware MOST hotels will charge for that pretty bottle of water that they usually have sitting on the desk when you get there. Some hotels do offer free internet and free continental breakfast. As per the internet, different hotels will charge different fee's to access it, so I'd advise you call and ask the fee so you can have the money ready or they can charge it to the room. If your paying cash for the room you need to see if you can pay it all on when you get there or not. Some hotels will charge a deposit fee in case you mess up their bathroom, take their TV or draw smiley faces on the walls. Not that anyone here will do that. You do not have to stay at the main hotel to get the discounts. The people who arrange hotel prices talk to several hotels bout renting blocks to cut down on the prices. You can save a lot of money in doing so. Using Animazement for example here; While one hotel maybe $119.00+ taxes a night others may run $99, $79 or Even $76 a Night plus taxes. The only thing about getting a cheaper rate is you might have to walk in the weather to get to the con. If you don't mind walking and the weather to get a room that is $43 cheaper than the main hotel, grab it that's extra money you have for buying things or less money to spend at the con. So it wouldn't hurt to shop around if you want so save a bit of cash. Do remember they do NOT include tax when giving you the quote for the stay. They will say like "1 room at 139.00 a night, Plus taxes." if you go for three night add bout 50 bucks for taxes. It probably won't be that much but its safer to assume!

Parking- If your driving to the convention be sure you have a good idea where you are going to park. Some conventions offer a "Special" parking rate for/during the convention time frame. Depending on what convention/hotel you are going to you can even get valet parking discounted. When planning/budgeting the parking just to be on the safe side find the maximum price and bring the money for all the nights you are staying.

Transportation/Gas- There are many ways to get to travel. Let is be car, bus, train, metro, or flying!. If you are driving to the hotel and decide to Carpool you could have everyone chip in for gas for your vehicle. Just plan how many miles to the hotel and figure out your gas mileage then go from there. You can Also Divide parking with the other if you decide to carpool which can save you some extra money. Be sure that you check how big every ones bags/boxes are so you can have enough room to make them all fit! If you decide to fly in you would have to shop around for airfare where you are wanting to go. You can try [URL=""]Orbitz[/URL], [URL=""]Expedia[/URL], or [URL=""]Travelocity[/URL] to name a few sites. You can get really good rates but I'd advise you to buy your ticket several months in advance. Be aware, some will require you pay the day you make your reservations or call the company to pay for it that way you can keep the discounted rate. If your traveling by air you need to check the baggage rate just in case your bag isn't covered in the ticket cost. Also be aware what you can and cannot bring onto the plane. The [URL=""]Transportation Security Administration [/URL] site has some ideas on what you can and cannot bring onto a plane. If your traveling by metro/ local bus, you can usually check the rates online and get information by looking up the station you are using (usually online) and you should be able to see how long it will take you to get to that location. [URL=""]Amtrak[/URL] Is a Awesome site that can give you special discounts if you qualify. I also found out today you might have to put a Deposit down if your renting a car. Be sure you budget your return as well!

Food- Planning for food is very important. You *cannot* survive off of Pocky, Ramune, or Ramen the entire weekend. It is VERY unhealthy to eat these at a con and you can get sick eating a lot of it. I myself would budget between $100- $250 per person for a 4 day con (average stay for a person is to arrive Thursday and leave Sunday). Why that much? You don't want to get to a con and run out of money miles away from home. Some places it is expensive, Lets say you were at AnimeUSA in Arlington, VA and you decided to get 2 Pizza's and an order of bread sticks for everyone. We spent almost $50 for those items for one night with delivery. Make sure you have the time to call the hotel and ask what restaurants are available in the area so you have a good idea on what to budget. you can also call around a couple of days before the con and check to see what specials are going on! Remember the thing I mentioned about the pretty bottle of water? They can charge 3-8 dollars for that bottle. If possible go to the local Store/Marketplace and buy a 24 pack for around $5 before you head out to the convention. Remember to stay hydrated at the convention, especially raves. A friend once told me when she was explaining why you have to drink a lot of water at a rave that "There are a bunch of people in a small room that gets heated fast with the lights/ Body heat. Heat usually produces Sweat and Sweat is equal to losing water." We'll cover the rave part a bit more later on. The same thing said bout that bottle of water applies to the minibar that could be in your hotel room. I've never seen a Minibar in a room before, so I'm not quite sure what the charges for it would be, but I can promise you it'd be cheaper to buy the stuff at a store. If you do decide to partake in drinking please to be responsible and make sure you are legal when/if you drink. It wouldn't be a pretty thing for you to be arrested for underage drinking or supplying the drinks to underage people and it wouldn't be a pleasant call to the person who would have to bail you out.

Emergency Funds- Ever been driving and got a flat tire or found your Wallet/badge missing from your bag/waist? This is where it is nice to have extra funds to get replacements/help for any problems that may come up! I recommend 10% of your total cost for everything you are planning for and keep it in a separate place from your wallet in case if you wallet comes up missing. Also you need to check to see if a event the convention is holding would require a extra charge. Sometimes concerts and convention special events will charge a small extra fee.

Badge/Badge replacement- Badges will allow you to attend the convention. Usually you can have it hanging off your bag, waist or around your neck. You need to show your badge when asked by a staff or volunteer. Some conventions charge a replacement fee depending on how you lost your badge. Sometimes they will replace it for free under special circumstances or they can charge up to the full badge price. This is so they can be sure your not giving it to another person so they can get in free. I'm not saying that you will do it but there have been people who have done it. When a person does this, the convention looses money. The money that the Convention gets pays for the Special Guest, Voice actors, Musicians, Equipment, Games, Hotel/Convention Center rental and everything else that is needed to run the Convention.

Spending money- Lets face it the Artist Alley and Dealers Room have to be one of the best places in the world for Otaku and convention attendees. You can buy the rest of that manga series you have been working on collecting for as low as $3 a book. Also you can find some more plushies of various sizes to add to your other plushies at home. It is possible to find almost anything in the dealers room. from Swords and knives, to Cosplay,lolita and Kimonos, even to Anime DVD's, CD's, or games. Some things you have to show your ID to look at, Like Doujinshi. If your not really interested in buying those things you can always wander over to the Artist Alley to look at the arts and crafts that talented artist took their time to crafts. If you don't see anything you like some even take up special request (sometimes with a commission fee). The Artist Alley will sell anything from beautiful art work, Key chains, Badges (No they will not be a con entrance badge sorry) to home made plushies. Come on, you know you want a cute Mario mushroom plush!

Care for your pets and plants- While your pets can't be a awesome addition to the cons you have to make sure you have someone reliable to take care of your beloved pets, and plants. Do NOT leave your pet in the house the entire time you are gone with a cup of kibble and a water bowl. Its a sure promise that there will be a mess when you get back. If you can't find anyone to take care of them, the shelter, kennel or even the vet office can care for them at a price. You just have to call them to let them know so they will have the room. If you do find someone to take care of "Buddy" slip them a bit of cash to show your gratitude and they may do it again when you want to go to another convention.

#3 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

[CENTER]~What to bring to a convention~[/CENTER]

Okay you've got your budget planned for the convention and it is in a few days. What do you pack? You pack what you need/ want to bring to the con. Be sure you write a list of what you need so you don't forget!

Medication- If your on medication, from heart medication to asthma medication, please do remember to pack them. You don't want to fall over having an attack with people swarming around and freaking out that something is wrong. Probably everyone in the convention will worry bout you afterward. While some do have a Mini Medical staff not everyone on that staff is able do everything. Hence why more than likely if you pass out you'll be taking a nice ride in the back of a ambulance and its usually at your cost. Pain killers for headaches are recommended to be brought as well.

Clothing/Cosplay- You need clean pair of a full set of clothing for every day of the con and plus one extra! You never know if you make a tear in your clothing or get soaked by a freak rain storm. clean clothing fights Con funk which I'm pretty Sure everyone in the convention would be grateful for. If your cosplaying be sure to Lay out your outfits on your bed or floor and make sure you have everything you need for the costume and pack it when you know you have everything this prevents you going to a convention and finding out that a article of your costume is still sitting on the bed at home. I would suggest starting packing about 2 weeks for the con and finish packing 2-3 days before you leave. Also bring comfortable shoes to change into, your feet will love you for that! If you can get ahold of Gel Inserts for your shoes Grab them and use them. Remember to check with the convention policy to see what is acceptable and what isn't. Some cons will post on what you can and cannot wear. Old saying goes "If you wouldn't wear it to your grandmothers, don't wear it wear it here." If you think/ and the staff says it shows too much skin you can modify your outfit by wear skin colored tights or nude full body. If the staff member still have a problem you can talk to Convention Ops or the higher ups at the con, but just remember, the convention higher ups "word" is "law". Basically If you need/want to talk to them be nice and the might say it'll be fine. If your plain out rude, there's a good chance that you aren't gonna get to wear that outfit anymore during that convention.

Bathing/Hygiene Items- Remember that con funk I told you about in the clothing section? Well bathing will help battles and makes it a better convention for everyone! Some of the recommended items that you bring are;
Soap/Body wash
Tampons, Pads and Pain killers for the cramps- For the ladies, I know it's embarrassing but not as embarrassing as wearing a cosplay when mother nature decides to be evil and strikes!

Wallet/purse/ Carrier bag- This would hold your cash, goodies, camera's and most important your ID. It is suggested that you keep your things very close to you. Some people are mean enough to steal peoples things at cons. One year at Animazement someone had all their luggage, laptop, and wallet stolen in the Marriott hotel hallway(If I've heard correctly). That isn't meant to scare you away from the Convention but it is a warning. If your posing for a picture, you can ask your friends to hold onto your things while you pose, or set them in front of the person snapping the photo.

Costume maintenance/repair- Okay Its going to happen sooner or later. You drop some sauce on your costume or a Button falls off your lovely jacket. Here are somethings to help you for any mishaps;
Glue for broken props/accessories- Lets say you are cosplaying Yachiru and you have your sword on wheels. your pulling it along when the wheel falls off. Glue would be nice to have to repair that wheel! So if your carrying props try and pick up some glue and bring it with you.
Safety pins- I've seen these in action with my friends Rainbow Brite cosplay. They can hide a support or help hold something up onto your cosplay. Some Vampire knight Cosplayer's will use them to hold the arm band to their arm.
Very minimal sewing kit- Is nice when you have a button fall off your costume or is you get a small rip in it as well. I know a lot of people who carry one in their luggage for a "Just in case" problem that may pop up.
Tide to-go pen- ARE LIVE SAVERS. You get a stain on your cosplay and want to get it off. Be sure when you buy one that it is safe on colors. I've used the bleach pen to try and get rid of some pen marks and it got most of it out. but its better safe than sorry.

Age requirements/ Parental consent slips- Certain Conventions you have to be 18+ to attend. Like Yaoi-Con to name one of them. You have to be 18 by the day that the convention starts. Sorry if you turn 18 on the Saturday of the convention and want to go all three days to a 18+ con, you can't get a badge until the day you turn 18. This is for the conventions safety and prevents them from being sued. If you are under 18 going to any other convention most will require you to have a Guardian slip signed so your parents know that the convention is not held liable for anything that may happen. Anyone else under a certain age (usually 12-13) Will be Required to have an Adult with them.

*Credit goes to Kayu-sama for the information about Dress Code and Costume maintenance/repair*

#4 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

[CENTER]~Things to be aware of and information about conventions in general~[/CENTER]
Okay, your now packed and ready. Your on your way there, singing the Caramell dance song,making all the plans for the con. You want to have fun and go wild! Hold on there pal there are a few more things to discuss. We'll start with some of the common rules of the convention.

[CENTER]-General hotel/convention rules-[/CENTER]
Be respectful to the Hotel Staff- They've got hundreds of people staying in their hotel and will be happier to serve a nice person instead of someone cussing up a storm, being crude and plain rude to them. Remember they are the ones who have to take care of you. If your nice, they may slip in a few extra towels, or not say a word if they catch a few more people than what is allowed in your room (Pass experience talking here!)

Wear something on your feet wandering outside your room- Even if its stockings or socks wear something. The staff will say something is you aren't wearing anything. They say its for hygiene.

No smoking- If the room is a "No smoking room", don't smoke. They will charge a cleaning fee if you do smoke. This is a rule that protects people with breathing problems and allergies to the smoke.

Keep your Messes clean and do not destroy convention/hotel property- I'm sure everyone knows about the Otakon price hike? That was supposedly triggered when Someone decided to draw their "artwork" on the convention center walls. Guess who had to pay for it? Yup that's right the convention goers at the next Otakon. Admission prices went up $10 to help cover the cost of the sand blasting to get the "art" off the wall. If you have to draw, Draw on yourself, or bring/Use paper that belongs to you. They do have people working in the Hotel/Convention to help keep it clean. Please do your part and throw your trash in the trash bin not on the floor.

No live weapons- Term for personal weapon [URL=""]here[/URL]. You can get in MAJOR trouble for having a live weapon for a prop. Let is be a blade, gun, nun chucks (yes they are illegal in some states), Lets use Izaya Orihara from Durarara. He carries a blade on him at all times and flicks it out when ever he wants. Your cosplaying the "lovable" character and flick a blade out for fun .... bad idea. Depending where you are you can be removed from the convention and possibly arrested for doing that. You may of not had any bad intentions but the other people around you wouldn't know that. This is wear props comes into play! They aren't sharp and you can make a prop from just about anything! If you have a prop gun be sure to have a bit of orange on the tip and make sure there are NO moving parts. If you Disassemble a Live gun to the point where it doesn't work, you can still get into a lot of trouble. I can't say anything about Squirt guns due to the fact each convention have different rules.

Ask before glomping or touching- You see someone decked out as your favorite character and you have the urge to jump and glomp them so you decide pounce them. "RIPPPPP" You freeze and part of their costume is laying on the floor and can't be reattached. Lets say your the one wearing that costume that you have spent hours upon hours, not to mention lots of money on. You wouldn't be very happy either and would want it fixed. This is where if you asked before you glomped you would be safe. People put a lot of money into their outfits and want to make sure it stays like they made it. This prevents Con-Drama. Some people also do not like being touched by strangers they do not know. Please respect others space and you'll be fine!

[CENTER]-Things to be aware of-[/CENTER]

Cellphones- Have a cellphone on you at all times while running around the convention and the convention areas. if helps with finding friends, emergency problems and your parents (if you live with them) can contact you to make sure your alive. Be sure to bring your charger as well. Also remember certain areas of some conventions do NOT have Signal. If you are leaving at a certain time, watch your clock like a hawk and be there on time or you might risk being left in a city with no help.

Do not travel in the dark alone- This can lead to a very dangerous situation. Travel in a group of people or with your friends.

Public Drinking- For the people 21+ who drink. Drinking is normally fine. If you do it modestly. It is my suggestion that you don't drink to the point were you can not speak, think or walk. I learned this rule years ago when Some random guy confessed his love to me with his girlfriend trying to get him back into his room. He fell and ended up having to be dragged into his Room. Public drunkenness is frowned upon by the police and the hotel/convention staff.

Stay Hydrated and Eat- I cannot stress this enough. Lack of food and water is bad for your body and can ruin your convention when you hit the floor. It can make you feel ill if you don't eat. When you are in a Rave most of the times you will sweat. You need water to make up for what your body lost. Which brings me to my next piece of information.

Raves- If you are sensitive to lights, especially flashing lights and loud noises, it is not a good idea to go into the rave. What I can think of off the top of my head right now is seizures. They are not fun and they WILL scare people.

Keep a Eye on your bank account- To make sure your not missing any funds that can prohibit you from paying for that hotel room you were staying in. Some hotels do take some of the money for the rooms to cover charges. Do not worry if you are in the hotel and notice you are missing money from your account call the front desk and ask if they charged anything. Most of the time your missing money they have taken the night for a room out.

Forms of payment- Cash, Credit, Debit, Money order, Check, and Travelers Check- Not all places accept all of these payment. The most popular choice is cash which is easy to pay things on the spot. Some Venders will Accept Debit/Credit and few will accept checks. Be sure to check before you leave.

Be nice when asking for photos- There are photo shoots that are Usually Listed on [URL=""]Cosplay forums [/URL] under the convention that your attending. If you see one you like mark it down and you can catch all your favorite characters and take neat photos. If you happen to stop someone in the hallway move them and yourself to the side away from travel or ask them to follow you to a Less populated area so you can take you photos. Most people are nice and will follow. If they are sitting down/have parts of their costumes off and you want a photo, give them time to put on the parts that are off, stand up and let them get into the pose they want (or if you request a reasonable Pose) otherwise to take a photo of them putting their stuff on or trying to get up is rude.

Know your room mates- Okay, I've myself roomed with total strangers that I've just met. But I've talked to them for months and left their numbers with house hold in case something happened. If something sounds odd to you about that and you get the creeps, you can always find someone else to room with. If you post on [URL=""]Cosplay forums[/URL] and the convention's forums looking for a room, you will probably get responses.

Do not camp out in the parking deck/ outside the con - Those are some of the MOST dangerous things you can do at a convention. You never know what can happen. You can be attacked, hurt, dragged off or even face being hit by a car, You can get into trouble at the Convention/Hotel for doing so.

Buying things in the dealers room/ artist alley- Okay your at the con and see a art book you've wanted for bout 6 month and you want to buy it but its a whooping $50! Hold on, don't buy it just yet. There are specials that you can get on Sundays where things sometimes will be discounted. It's mainly because its the last day of the convention and the want to get as much as they can sold to give them a profit. They only get a profit if they can cover the Dealers Room table cost, any other cost that applies for the convention and the whole sale of that item they are selling. What ever is left over is their profit. They also are trying to lighten the load for what they have to pack back into their vehicle. Its not east to unpack and pack hundreds upon hundreds of Items. So they will try to make a quick deal. While I can't promise that that art book will be there Sunday. you may have to gamble. A $50 art book on Friday MAY only cost $35 on Sunday. Again that is a gamble you'd have to take but it could save you some money. I can't promise that every single vendor will have the sale but if you talk to them long enough and are extremely nice they just might lower the price. My sister had this happen when she talked to a kimono dealer and hung out with him asking him a few questions about the item, telling a few jokes and he was willing to knock off a entire 50 bucks off a kimono for her. His reason? Because she was polite and entertaining from what he told her. Sometimes people in the Dealers Room will recruit people to help out with their sale, though it is rare to happen they do run short once in a while. A lot of times they will give you deep discounts for helping them out as a way of payment. Most of the things said applies to the Artist Alleys. But sometimes if your friendly enough and they are in a really good mood they will give you a art piece for free and sometimes sign it. This is how I have gotten several piece's of artwork.

#5 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

[CENTER]~ Things to be aware of Continued~[/CENTER]
Be careful when carrying your Valuables. If you drop your Ipod or lose your ring there is a chance you aren't going to see it again. Kepp a Close eye on your Valuables and Don't leave them on something unattended or Just leave them in your room or the safe in your room. If your nervous about leaving your rings unattended, get a necklace, open it, slip the rings though one side, and put the necklace on. You can hide the necklace under *most* costumes

[CENTER]~ If you face problems that arise~[/CENTER]
If you have a Problem with;
Person stalking/Harassment - Contact convention staff and volunteer and they will help you asap. The security people are there for a good reason. Making sure your convention is a safe one is their top reason.

Things are missing- If you lose something at the convention contact staff and ask them where the lost and found area it. A lot of people are honest and will turn in things that they found. Not all cases turn out like this but most of them do. If you are missing things from the hotel room and your rooming with people you do not know. Do NOT immediately blame the house keeper. Gather everyone in the room and talk to them. it may be misplaced or something. If you have laptops or expensive electronics/items most hotels have a safe you can store them in. Its is usually hidden in the desk or entertainment center. The safe is pretty easy to set up and really nice if you are a frequent worrier like myself.

Anything else- If you have any other sort of problem contact staff and let them know. If your upset over a sudden drop in a program, time change for a program or a guest. It happens there is nothing they can do about it.

[CENTER]~Extra Information~[/CENTER]
Please be mindful to the convention Staff/Volunteers and follow their advice and instruction.

File your Leave- Make sure you Put in for your time off a few months in advance or when you are able to.

Sleep- Don't go the entire convention without sleep. You will end up a Zombie and possibly unable to go to school or work the next day.

Repect other hotel guest- You wouldn't want people yelling and screaming in the room next to you would you? Be respectful and you will be okay and not have to worry about Staff knocking on your door for a warning.

Please be aware that some hotels Do offer coin Machines to do your laundry. It might cost a bit extra but sometimes worth it. Remember if you use them you might have to purchase Detergent if you do not have your own on hand.

Now that you know the basic stuff, enjoy your convention and be ready to rock when the doors open!

Happy con- Lovelychristina

#6 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

If your new to the whole convention thing i would Highly advise you read all of the information posted but I did make a TL;DR for everyone


1.Plan for anything and everything, The normal cost that go out for conventions are as followed;
Emergency funds
Spending money
Care for your pets and plants- Animal lover here so I will repeat this.

2.Know the state laws that you may be traveling through to avoid unnecessary tickets/fines.

3.What to bring;
Bathing Items
Sewing kit/Glue
Permission slip from your Guardians- if you are underage.

4.General rules for the cons-
Be respectful to the Hotel Staff
Wear something on your feet wandering outside your room
No smoking
Keep your messes clean and do not destroy convention/hotel property
No live weapons
Ask before glomping or touching

5.Things to be aware of;
Have a cellphones
Do not travel in the dark alone
Stay Hydrated and Eat
Keep a Eye on your bank account
Forms of payment- Cash, Credit, Debit, Money order, Check, and Travelers Check
Be nice when asking for photos
Know your room mates
Do not camp out in the parking deck/ outside the con
Keep an Eye your valuables.

6. Any problems that may pop up that has to do with the convention contact a staff member or volunteer immediately so they can help you.

So Basically, Use your [U]Common Sense[/U] and you'll do fine ^_~

#7 glitter bomb on 8 years ago

very nice of you to take the time to write all this out. thanks for sharing. :)

#8 Lovelychristina on 8 years ago

No problem ^^ I Was about to fall on my face when I finished the original Draft. I've invested a total of 7-8 hours into writing and trying to remember everything. I'm sure to Invest more as I learn more and more about conventions. I'm just hoping this wasn't a waste of my time XD;;;

#9 xIMasterDarkIx on 8 years ago

Wow, Thanks for all the info, really useful! ^^

#10 t0uchof1nsanity on 8 years ago

Wow! Thank you so much for all your posts. My 5th convention is coming up, and I'm sure all your information will help me out wonders. I'm really unorganized/unprepared when it comes to conventions :/

#11 Sakura_9800 on 8 years ago

Going to my 2nd convention next year and this information will really help :) Thanks for your posts :)

#12 FunnyValentine on 8 years ago

Great post, I want to go a convention out of state so this really useful information.

#13 Homicidal_Jelly on 8 years ago

wow! thanks you so much ^^ Sakura-con 2011 will be my first con and its good to know all this before i go x3 thanks again!

#14 darkangelxX447 on 8 years ago

People should listen to your pictures rule. I went to my first convention a few weeks ago. I wore my Eternal Sailor Moon cosplay and every time I had to get up out of my chair I had to put my wings back on. Some guy at the convention took pictures of me trying to get my wings on and when I was just walking down the hall. I would like for people to ask and wait for me to pose when they are taking pictures.

#15 Technowraith on 8 years ago

Regarding the tinted windows law:

Most states allow a maximum of up to 7-10% The police have a meter they hold up to your window that measures the level of tint. If it's illegal, they offer you two options: scrape the tinting off with a razor blade, or tow the car. The tint law exists due to heavily tinted vehicles that conceal possible criminal activity (like pulling a gun) as the officer approaches the car.

In regards to the other information, this is a great collection of tips. Coupled with the First time Con-goers thread, people new to anime conventions will have a wealth of tips and info at their disposal.