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#1 Katrisa on 8 years ago

Okay! So I do have some ideas for the fabric of my costume, but I'd just like to here others, it would be helpful~

So I'll be making La Fleur Ecarlate from Granado Espada, and I want to make it look really rich and neat. So in saying that, I don't want to use some like typical shiny prom fabric, it will just kill the dress and make it look like I'm TRYING to make it look nice.

[url]http://media.photobucket.com/image/la fleur ecarlate/Khoo81/20100125_costume_warlock.jpg[/url]

[url]http://media.photobucket.com/image/la fleur ecarlate/Khoo81/comiccostume1-1.jpg[/url]

My ideas so far is to use red raw silk for the red part:


For the bottom black part, I don't know, probably something not very shiny at all.

Really would love to hear other options :)

#2 Brsis on 8 years ago

By 'raw silk', what exactly do you mean? Some manufacturers say raw silk to mean dupion or a variation there of (With slubs in the weave) which is fine if you like that. 'Real' raw silk is made from silk threads that haven't been boiled or processed - it's stiff as hell and has an odd shine from the natural waxes. GREAT if you're making a waterproof - bad if you're draping a bustle skirt! Make sure you get a sample and check what you're getting!

Personally, I'd look at taffeta, jacquard, and other medium weight non-shiny fabrics that drape nicely.

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