Countdown To Fan Expo09

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#1 browncoatnaruto on 9 years ago

I noticed no one had started a countdown thread yet so I figured I'd do it. :bigtu:

65 Days left until Fan Expo 2009!! :bigtu:

#2 RadRage on 9 years ago

*points* No! D:<
*averts thine eyes*
I don't want a countdown yet! I'm not ready!

#3 dooley on 9 years ago

TOO BAD! here it comes! RUN!

#4 RadRage on 9 years ago

ahh! *flails and runs*

#5 kawaiilove on 9 years ago

But I did XD.
I am sure I will gt my cosplay done in time!

#6 Matty's Mello on 9 years ago

You guys should try using the same 2 costumes for a whole year... Takes a stress out of getting ready for cons... All you have to worry about then is transportation and hotels... :toothy: I know how some of you like new costumes for each con so no one sees you in the same thing twice or whatever- but really, it's very refreshing to not have to worry about getting a wig on time, or running out of fabric :bigtu:

#7 sweet_kat22 on 9 years ago

65 thats it? I fail. I need money bleh.

#8 RadRage on 9 years ago

I wish I had two cosplays to even use....thats the problem. Dx

Need to get working on Fai.

#9 ☆ KEITA on 9 years ago

Oh man, 65? D: Gotta start on my con cosplays and not on non-con-cosplays. ''OTL Rawrr.

#10 KakeraのTsuki on 9 years ago

You know you're behind when....

At least I'm rewearing on Friday so I don't have to stress about that~ And damnit, why do I keep working on costumes for AN next year when I should be worrying about fan expo?!

#11 EgnirysFaye on 9 years ago

Ja, first mentioned the number at another thread XD *Feels invisible*

64 Days
17 Hours
39 Min remaining

Nothing like getting too specific...

I <3 CNAnime.

#12 PurpleDuckie on 9 years ago

yay countdown :D Nothing motivates me more than seeing how little time is left

#13 sweet_kat22 on 9 years ago

More chances I may not be going at all. So hope you all have a good time.
I hope I get to go but chances are slim :(

#14 Enchanted on 9 years ago

Money is TIGHTTTTTTTTTT and theres a small chanc ei won't be able to go but makingmy best effort to go!

#15 Jysbena on 9 years ago


This Fan Expo, should be epic. I can't wait.