Costume Con 32 in Canada / Programming Ideas

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#31 Buddycat on 6 years ago


I sent you a suggestion via email, but I'll throw it out here: I'd like to do a panel on "Heroes of Cosplay". It's impact, what impressions it leaves, its participants, and then maybe a brainstorming session on how WE would produce the show to make it interesting (and faithful to the art form). (It might not be as easy as you would think). Also maybe discuss other shows that are related/relevant.

#32 Kaijugal on 6 years ago

Thank you for your suggestions. I'll send them on to Aurora Celeste. :)

#33 Buddycat on 5 years ago

Any idea when the schedule might be published (in April, presumably)?

#34 jukebox on 5 years ago

I think that a panel about the differences between professional costumery and cosplay would be a really good educational experience. It seems like a lot of cosplayers think having a bunch of facebook likes is enough to launch their careers and something that really goes into the difference between hobby vs. pro would be really helpful.

Something about distressing and weathering costumes might also be cool. I could potentially even talk to people I go to school with about doing this...