The Legend of Zelda Series gathering

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#1 CosplayerJJ on 12 years ago

Since this gathering went well last time around, I am hosting it again. So let's figure out a date, time, and location. i hope the time will be later, since we did had some late arrivals.
Time: 3pm
Date: Saturday
Location: Fountains in the front of the con.

#2 CosplayerJJ on 12 years ago

You just said a month full, but I understand where you are getting at, when we have more people join, we have to figure out a time, place, and day.

#3 CosplayerJJ on 12 years ago

A good setting makes for a good picture.

#4 junkeemunky on 12 years ago

Well seeing how it'll be the 10 yr. anniversary for Ocarina of Time, I was hoping on finishing a Ganon cosplay. It just depends on how much funds I have before Fanime next year. :3

#5 CosplayerJJ on 12 years ago

If you can all off Ocarina of Time Ganon before I can pull off twilight princess Ganon you will be loved.

#6 OmegaSoul on 12 years ago

Oh! I hadn't realized it would be a decade since it's release! I'm planning on making a Poe costume but I don't think that would work too well around summer time. (long sleved and black fabric. gah! x_x )
The spot we had last time seemed fine but it did become a little crowded with the other gatherings waiting around.

#7 AsianLink on 12 years ago

Any Phantom hourglass peeps yet. I wanna do a lineback cosplay. And, referencing Omega soul's post, yes, it will be hot. Long sleeved shirt/pants, big jacket, and a scarf. I actually didn't make it to last years meetup. Someone name a location and time and i'll be there.

#8 NairiArnia on 11 years ago

If I can fix my Skull Kid costume, I'll come by again. Haha, my hat nearly killed me last time.

#9 DarkFujin on 11 years ago

I'm going to be a "gangsta" version of Link (just for fun. I get tired of "serious" cosplay), and possibly Link from Link to the Past. Eventually I will cosplay spoiler-Midna to Fanime, but probably not '08. HOPEFULLY I will, but seeing as I haven't even started it yet, probably not. But that's my dream cosplay. :)

#10 CosplayerJJ on 11 years ago

Come to this gather as any Legend Zelda character from any of the games.

#11 Grey Finch on 11 years ago

If I have Linebeck cosplay done in time for this, I might bring him along~ but as it stands my Fanime schedule looks a little packed... :

#12 MouseAlchemist on 11 years ago

(sorry, posted in the wrong username)

#13 junkeemunky on 11 years ago

Well my dream LoZ cosplay is Phantom Ganon, but I might have to wait until next year fanime for that one - due to funds, time restraint, and whatnot, I don't think it would be ready to perfection for Fanime 08. :d

#14 CosplayerJJ on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=Grey Finch;2157520]If I have Linebeck cosplay done in time for this, I might bring him along~ but as it stands my Fanime schedule looks a little packed... :<[/QUOTE]

Make some time for this gathering, even if it is just 5 minutes.

Phantom Ganon is welcome, but if you feel you can't get him done in time there are other characters.

#15 DarkFujin on 11 years ago

Trying to keep this bumped. Grey Finch, I would LOVE to see your Linebeck cosplay! I'm sure a lot of others will agree.

I'm going to try to get something done for Fanime. lol. Some form of Link, either Twilight Princess (if I can figure out chain mail) or Link to the Past (since he gets no love). I'm most likely just going to be retarded and do a gangster version of Link (and probably end up on some page like CosplayFucks for it. lol)