Any Surrey Cosplayers out there??

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#1 Kobalos on 9 years ago

Hello all My brother and I have been going to the London expo for a while now and I would just like to know if there are any more Surrey cosplayers around (I have met a couple but no more :() if so I say we should all meet up and some point :D

What you guys think?

#2 yatak on 9 years ago

I live in Guildford :o.

#3 reneekimcos on 9 years ago

I live in Walton-on-Thames
and 2 of my friends who also lives in Surrey
might be cosplaying
(even if they're not they are going)

#4 rikku_theif on 9 years ago

I'm from Guildford too! Off to AlCon in about a month or whatever it is left! Anyone else going?


#5 yatak on 9 years ago

I might be going, on the waiting list atm :<. Hopefully see you there if i get on the member list!

#6 Kobalos on 9 years ago

Awesome! Anyone going to the expo in october :P ?

#7 yatak on 9 years ago

ofc :o

#8 Kobalos on 9 years ago

Awesome I shall see you there then Yatak, I will be going as Rosiel the picture of whom I have uploaded onto here :) I still have a load to do though to the costume

#9 Yamidragon on 9 years ago

guildford too :) but i will be making the journey to expo from Bournemouth, as I am currenty living there (or will be- i move in next month!!!!)

#10 star702 on 8 years ago

I'm from Woking, Have recently started cosplaying first event was the May expo and so anoyed cant afford the October one :waaaah:

#11 mandi_uchiha on 8 years ago

I visit my grandparent oftern in Surrey ^.^ so i'm there a lot in the holidays because my family ditch me >.>

#12 star702 on 8 years ago

I would love to meet up and make new friends from the local area

#13 -Nessie- on 8 years ago

I'm also from Surrey. ^^

#14 rwosie on 8 years ago

I'm from Surrey too:)

#15 nighthack on 7 years ago

im star's partner, so also from surrey. (well from scotland live in surrey)