Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney cosplay

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#1 Kaiyn on 13 years ago

I just recently picked up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo DS and judging by how good the game is, i really want to try and cosplay as him. Anyone else have the game and thinking about cosplaying as some of the other characters from the game?

#2 RedPikachu on 13 years ago

That's an awesome idea, I think, if I had the game, and knew who I was cosplaying as, I would totally do it :p.

#3 Kaiyn on 13 years ago

i am so into the game, that i would definately want to cosplay as Phoenix Wright himself ^.^. Though i`m not sure how many people would recognize him if i did though -_-

#4 haruna on 13 years ago

The lunch lady from episode 4 looks like a fun costume. To all the Mr. Wrights, good luck getting your hair that spikey! Yay!

#5 Cinder on 13 years ago

Ha, I'm planning an Ema Skye costume myself. ^_^ It'd be so fun to go around with a spray bottle and do some "scientific investigation" myself.

#6 ChibiTifa05 on 13 years ago

I'm planning on doing a Maya cosplay one day. ^^

#7 Resuka on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=Kaiyn]i am so into the game, that i would definately want to cosplay as Phoenix Wright himself ^.^. Though i`m not sure how many people would recognize him if i did though -_-[/QUOTE]

While some people may not recognize Phoenix's costume at first glance, I suspect striking his signature "OBJECTION!" pose will help matters somewhat. XP

#8 gamerpanda on 13 years ago

You should cary around a sign that says objection phoenix wright style and hold it up from time to time.

...I kind of want to cosplay girl from the second case with heart buttons and pink hair, but I think Penny Nichols would be easier....maybe a little too easy...

#9 Juunanagou on 13 years ago

Just when I though that I had run out of cool characters to cosplay, my two friends pointed out a certain characters from case 5... Jake Marshall... and it's not that gigantic of a departure from one of my favorite costumes, either, so I might get this one together in record time, as soon as they pass it on for me to enjoy... Dry shaving with a hunting knife... and drinkey stright whiskey... on the stand no less... seriously, this guy's such a hero... Take That!

#10 RedPikachu on 13 years ago

I just got the game for Christmas, and I would *love* to cosplay April May or Mia Fey ^_^.

#11 Evali on 13 years ago

This game is awesome, please post photos of your costumes when they are done! If I had time, I would probably make a Maya or Ema costume. They are both so darn cute. ^^

#12 DDRJT on 13 years ago

Someone from Phoenix Wright seems to be the top contender for my Acen costume. I don't want to be just some schmuck running around in a suit, and I really don't like carrying around big signs, so I'm either going as Edgeworth or Godot from Gyakuten Saiban 3, as they're the most recognizable ones I feel.

#13 haruna on 13 years ago

Mai Karuma is another neat looking character from the series too. She's got whips... @[email protected]

Gamespot has some nice high-res artwork from this game:

#14 Evali on 12 years ago

I decided to rush out an Ema costume:

It's by no means totally accurate, but it was fun to wear. ;p

#15 Francesca on 12 years ago

I'm playing that game too right now and it would be so awesome if you made a Phoenix Wright costume. You should totally go for it! :)