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#1 Admin on 9 years ago

This forum is provided as a venue to ask for critique on your own photos. Please do not use it as a place to start threads to critique other people's photos.

Image code is enabled, so you can link your images directly in your thread.

Please start your own thread for any photo or shoot you would like critiqued. If you are looking for a specific type of critique please specify as such in the thread.

When critiquing, please offer something constructive and not just a quick comment like "great shot!" Anyone posting in here is posting because they sincerely would like advice on their photography, so please keep that in mind.

#2 nathancarter on 5 years ago

As someone who likes to give critique, I would encourage posters to pick only one to three photos when asking for critique. It also helps me if you give a brief explanation about the goal of the shoot, and the choices you made in terms of equipment and settings.

It's tough for me to give a worthwhile response to a request like "Look on my Flickr for all the photos I've ever taken, what do you think?"