New Con! January 27th! Frostcon

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#1 MDA on 5 years ago

Hey everybody!

Coming January 27th is Frostcon!

[U]What is it?[/U]
Frostcon is a convention for anime, games, comics and more! It's a multi-genre convention for fans of all ages!

[U]Where is it?[/U]
Frostcon will be held at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts in Toronto, Ontario.

Passes can only be bought at the door, but the door price is really awesome! Only 10 for the day for a convention with panels, workshops, artists and dealers! As well as guests!

Who are the guests?
Currently confirmed guests include ZombieBitMe, Toronto Joker, Erin Cossar, and Th3 Rogue!

Any questions or anything of the like can be directed here, or you can visit either of these two sites:

Official Facebook : [url][/url]
Official Website : [url][/url]

#2 Rainbowgasm on 5 years ago

sounds interesting but we'll probably skip it for this year, as we don't USUALLY got to first year cons unless they are super close, and i have NO idea where this is...

#3 flash1616 on 5 years ago

Well I'll probably hit this one up, and bring a friend along.
First cons can be shaky, but if people don't go there might not be a second year, and I'd like to see more cons in Canada (plus one in January winter blues go away).

The St. Lawrence Centre is like two blocks from Union station on Front street. It's not hard to get to or find, for people that don't know.

#4 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

Unfortunately I can't go for this year with Con-G in February and needing to travel to Toronto if I did (not exactly cheap for a one-day event, and I'll have just done so for my bf&I's anniversary too)...but next year I'll be back in college, in Toronto, so I'm definitely coming then!

#5 Ohannah on 5 years ago

Sounds like a cute con !
Just submitted a Artist Alley Application!..
So i will be attending! <3

Now i need to get my butt drawing! D:

#6 kawaiilove on 5 years ago

I'm going to be going with a friend and give it a review.

#7 sweet_kat22 on 5 years ago

Going to this con since its only a day sounds like fun :)

#8 ZombiiAxelBlitz on 5 years ago

I'm on staff for this con so I kinda have to be there. :3

#9 karin-adele on 5 years ago

submitted my artist alley form too, going with a couple friends, see you all there!

#10 mokulen22 on 5 years ago

I was thinking about doing artist alley or teaching plushie

#11 sweet_kat22 on 5 years ago

I got an artist Alley table soooo happy :) Thanks I am looking forward to it,
time to sew sew sew :)

#12 MDA on 5 years ago


VickyBunnyAngel was announced yesterday as the Cosplay Guest of Honour!!

Frostcon will be offering free photoshoots!

#13 Pasiphilo on 5 years ago

Looks like fun! I might check it out. :)

#14 Zoeyromanov on 5 years ago

Yeah me and my friend are hitting that up owo!
Hopefully I can get my stuff to cosplay as England; and my friends looking into going as Scotland \=w=/
Sounds like fun, I can't wait ^^

#15 Tyler4768 on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=zeochan;4573979]Yeah me and my friend are hitting that up owo!
Hopefully I can get my stuff to cosplay as England; and my friends looking into going as Scotland \=w=/
Sounds like fun, I can't wait ^^[/QUOTE]

I'm hoping to go! (I need my parent's permissin first.) I'll be Canada! I will have to look for you... XD It'd be nice to have a Family photo for a picture frame. :P XD