Tutorial thing-The accurate KH2 Sora wig

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#1 X affinity on 14 years ago

[url]http://i8.tinypic.com/24m6ahi.jpg[/url] This is Sora. He's from Kingdom Hearts 2. He is a happy puppy.

Please note that this is not the only picture that I worked from. I'd show you the screenshots but I don't want to chance spoilers :O <3

[url]http://images.cosplay.com/gallery.php?cat=47824&member=5284[/url] This is DLGR's wefting tutorial. You'll need to be able to make these wefts for this method. No exceptions ^^; Sorry.

Oh man, I might get shot for that fact that I used a method like this. .but let's see what happens.

Things needed include-
Stitch-witchery (For weft making)
fabric preferably the same colour as your hair fibers (For weft making)
knowledge of making DLGRs weft. See tutorial above (For weft making)
pencil and paper is useful
screenshots of Sora are useful
wig hair in the preferred colour (I suggest the silky kanekelon braid from doctoredlocks.com)
an iron (for wefting and for folding hair down)
a wig mesh preferably the same colour as your wig fibers
a wig head would be useful. .
hair glue or hair wax
needle and thread that is the same colour as your wib fibers
a camera is useful

Let's explain it, shall we? Alright. I ordered Kanekalon silky hair from doctoredlocks.com (Good prices, good products, semi-outrageous shipping)

Next- I sketched Sora's hair as accurately as possible and numbered each spike on the diagrams (Front, back, each side. I'll post them when I scan them) And then I drew each spike- scale size- individually, numbering those as well.

For the bangs. I cut the hair to the size of spike #1, #2, #3(from the diagram), etc, and created a flat weft using DLGR's wefting method with stitch witchery (A brilliant method- I really, really like it!) (One could also make the bangs more round and three-dimensional if they wished. Just fold the weft in half for substance, or sew two wefts together to get more hair.) Next, I hung the hair and created the spike's shape (using the diagrams) and used hair wax and various hairsprays.
I pinned each spike to the mesh cap+wig head, overlapping each piece until basically the only cloth you can see is from the weft on the very top.

[url]http://i7.tinypic.com/24m6kw6.jpg[/url] -Note that the top/last weft was later redone because. .as you can see it doesn't hide anything because it was too thin <<;

Once I did all the correct overlapping, I took a picture of each layer, and then I began sewing the pieces onto the mesh cap, referring to the photos once I had one weft sewn.

The end result shown here- [url]http://i8.tinypic.com/24m6lh4.jpg[/url] and [url]http://i8.tinypic.com/24m6lo7.jpg[/url] (It's untouched up and rather messy. Blah)

Okay, to make the 3 dimensional spikes around the top of Sora's head, what I had to do first was make the hair fall in a spiral (see that blond weft in the last two pictures?)
(Beforehand, I folded the hair over the top of the weft- the part where everything is held together- and I ironed it very breifly (If you're afraid of hair fibers sticking to your iron, I suggest that you lay a piece of cloth over the fibers before ironing them. It works to the same effect.) so that the fibers now stayed folded over like that, and when I attached the weft, the cloth wouldn't be showing.)
To do that, I did something like this with my wefts- [url]http://i8.tinypic.com/24m6nip.jpg[/url]
Um. .you can only make these spirals using DLGRs stitch-witchery method because the part where the fibers are held together under the cloth is very firm and stiff and all melded together. You can't make these spirals using the sewing method or the caulk method ,_,- sorry about that.

I sewed the spiral onto the mesh ( [url]http://i7.tinypic.com/24m6qsl.jpg[/url] ).Now, you can make a spike from the new spiral. If you folded the fibers over and ironed, then the cloth circle will be on the inside of the spike, unshowing and it will make the hair look more like it's growing from the head. When you sew the spikes in you have to clump them as CLOSE together as possible so none of the mesh shows through. Squish them right up next to each other and feel free to take some of the hair from one spiral and use it in another. It will mesh well if you do this. Also, the spirals will need to have as much hair in them as possible so the spike has substance. I would also suggest sewing two wefts together for creating the spiral so the spike has extra hair as needed.

To style a spike of hair, hang the wig head so the spike is pointing down and use hairspray/blowdrying on a veeeery low level- or the cool setting.

Repeat on all places where there's a spike in the diagram or sketch you made (Or if you want to use mine, sure. I'll post them soon) If you need to add extra spikes, that's alright- no one's perfect. Just try to get all that mesh covered!

And that's it (for now)- a very accurate Sora wig. (Well, okay, it's only as accurate as you choose to make it. It could be very inaccurate if you want- up to you ^.^ Let's just say then that this is a tutorial on making spiky wigs from scratch.)

This Sora wig making method isn't for the faint of heart or the most absolute beginner. It's difficult and it does take effort- but the end result is about the worlds most accurate Sora wig (depending) x3; I suggest drawing up your own diagrams if you can- especially working from screenshots of the very end of the second game with the good cging, or the beginning of the second game. What I did was beat KH2 and tape those parts. I paused and sketched, looked for a new angle, sketched, numbered, diagramed, etc.

If anybody seems interested in this method, then I'll be posting more pictures of progress and also more tips as I learn new things. Please don't expect to do too fabulously your first try- I've messed up and redone things and experimented over and over and I'm still improving. The wig you see in the pictures is the first draft. I probably won't get the official wig done for another month or two.

On price. .Making this wig could easily cost you. .like. .under twenty dollars. x3; But it makes up in labor. This wig is work!

I don't have any pictures here of a styled three dimensional spike- but it's 4:30 in the morning and I can't sneak downstairs to fetch the camera with the pictures in it. So expect some later this afternoon or tomorrow.

Actually, a lot of people might end up hating what I've done x3; This really does seem difficult, but it's not very bad once you get the hang of it- and just keep trying!

This PRACTICE wig ::cough:: is messy and shiny. This was my first dying job ::falls over and dies:: I never want to do it again. (The sharpie dying thing I mean) I hated it. I ended up hand colouring the top bang weft because I was so sick of it. I used too much hairspray probably ::shrugs:: Whatever, it's the method that counts.

(Method inspired partially by Gren because she made a Sora wig from scratch and I really wanted to do it too. ; ) Also, credit goes to my obsessive compulsiveness and the fact that I wanted my costume to be as accurate as ever seen x3; Props to DLGR for the wefting method! I adore it. Thank you very much.)

Any questions or suggestions, feel free to post or PM. If you want to totally burn this tutorial thing, it's okay x3; I would too- it's an intimidating thing.

This tutorial is messy, I'll be cleaning it up and presenting it better based on how many people care about it x3; Your input is important, so please talk to me! Thank you!

Ahaha, this was my first wig as well x3 What a dumb n00b.

#2 +Gogo+ on 14 years ago

That's a ridiculously insane amount of work. I'm glad it worked out for you though.

#3 ilikeyaoi on 14 years ago

Sounds like a pretty good method, what sort of cost would you project it as?

#4 X affinity on 14 years ago

Well, depending on what hair you get and what brands of hairspray and whatnot- it would probably be somwhere between. .20 to 30 dollars. It's really not a very expensive project :O It's just- like +Gogo+ and I stated- lots of hard work ::nod::

#5 TinaYosh on 14 years ago

Amazing keep up the good work ^.^
I'll be keeping a watch on this thred XD

#6 TsukiGuujin on 14 years ago

This might come in handier than you think. I'm willing to try anything. O_O

#7 X affinity on 14 years ago

Update- Forgive me everyone. I know I told you that I'd have more pictures up by yesterday, but my camera cord was left in a hotel room and I have no way of getting my pictures onto my computer until I find a new one or get thatone back.
I'm so sorry about this, please be patient- I'll have those pictures up as soon as possible ::bows::

#8 X affinity on 14 years ago

Please excuse my delay! The fact is that this particular wig has been scrapped for a newer, shinier wig using the same method. I hope to create a more organized version of this tutorial when my new wig stuff appears (it comes on the 12th and I'll began my wig shortly afterwards). I'm very sorry for being terribley inconvenient. Please look out for a new tutorial around the beginning of October! Thank you everybody!

#9 Lily-chan on 14 years ago

I'd really like to try this, but where can I get the wig mesh? Am I going to have to make that myself (I don't like sewing mesh/netting, it dislikes me) It'd really help out for some of the partial wigs I need! ^.^

#10 X affinity on 14 years ago

I got all of my extension and wig accessories at doctoredlocks.com, which is a lovely website with terrible shipping prices. Therefore, don't order a three dollar wig mesh and pay ten dollars shipping. Buy your extension and everything at once. Otherwise, it's quite possible to get extensions at Sally's, Ebay, etc. But DocLocks is the best, for me- they have marvelous extensions!

#11 TheNoobOfDoom on 13 years ago

^_^ wow what a great totorial! i love it... i hope this will help out my friend with his Sora cosplay.

#12 benihime on 13 years ago

.... it's not relaly explained but how did you get the bangs spikey part together? it looks so nice T_T

#13 Keyblade_master on 12 years ago

#14 BlacklightSora on 7 years ago

The link to DLGR's wefting tutorial doesn't work... Blast. :/

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