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#1 shinji_hiroshi on 6 years ago

[B]UPDATED: 11/3/2013[/B]

The COAT IS DONE: Sorry for the long delay in posting back to this. I ended up doing a third attempt at the coat since my 1st two didn't quite go the way I wanted.

Here is the link to photos from YOUMACON: [url][/url]

So for the past 2 1/2 months I've been researching the 6th Doctor's coat. I've found it to be a bit of a pain in the rear to make. The original I know was made out of wool tartan's and wool felt.

I'm allergic to wool and felt so I had to find something that was close to mimicking the textures of the two. I know my cotton weave Tartan isn't the greatest, but for now I'm happy with it as it was as close as I could get to a happy medium without paying an arm and a leg.

My outfit fabrics consist of: Moleskin, Peachskin, cotton weave, cotton poplin, and broadcloth.

The pants/cuff fabric I dyed and used a cotton like knit fabric.

So far I've begun to finally assemble the real thing and It's much easier for me now to visual it using the real fabrics. I know the back looks a little weird on the bottom. So I might be going back in and correcting that.

I have also made the Red and Teal Cravats as well. Those we're pretty simple to make. I want to make the star one, but haven't found a print I can use or close that I would be able to dye.

[URL=""]Link to 6th Doctor Pictures[/URL]

#2 jenksotaku on 6 years ago

That is looking wonderful! Plaids are very difficult to match. I was bumming around on the internet and found this wonderful site.

Fabrics to investigate:

Cosplay never seems to be an inexpensive hobby.

#3 shinji_hiroshi on 6 years ago

Thank you, I'm hoping to have this completed by the end of the week. \0/ As for cosplay being cheap...LOL it's like our version of 'crack'. Like I tell my boyfriend, its not the mall he has to worry about me going to. It's the fabric stores. :D

I actually bought one item off spoonflower(the back right), but I'm not honestly impressed with the 'printed' on look with the fabric. That Cotton Poplin because it was inked so much I had to watch when I cut it. It seems brittle.
I'm still in the air if I want to order that purple/teal/grey/black collar print in the linen canvas but that's 27.00 a yard +3/4 to ship. I can't see paying $5.00 for a test swatch. I could see it for wool, but not for an 'inked' on print.

Than you need to take into account how LONG will this print last upon washing? I cannot justify paying loads of money for that tartan print. It takes around 4-5 yards of just that red Tartan.

I know right now we're in the process of talking to clean out a room in our basement, so if we do I might be learning how to operate in the near future my great grandmothers rug loom. I want to try and create that yarn backing backing on that or all else fails a cute little rug. lol

#4 Tamlin on 5 years ago

Your 6th looks good so far!

#5 vampricyoda on 5 years ago

I know this is a bit late in the game to say.

But I feel like The 6th is one of the few Doctor Who Costumes where you can take some liberties with the coat. Some of those designs are impossible to find and you can fudge it a bit if you need to. Even more so with things like allergies.

I want to do the s6th at some point soon.

#6 Siren61 on 5 years ago

I love 6's look, so it's cool to see someone working on one. I just finished a 7 for my husband and was kicking around the idea of doing a Fem6, but the coat does seem a bit of a beastly project.

Have you found a pattern, or are you going to mock one up yourself?

#7 shinji_hiroshi on 5 years ago

Sorry for the long delay in posting back to this. I ended up doing a third attempt at the coat since my 1st two didn't quite go the way I wanted.

The 1st being wool allergies.

Attempt #2 with barely any pattern and having no clue how to line it and finding out it didn't fit me at all.

Attempt 3: I hired a woman to make me a pattern and sent her as many GOOD reference pictures that I could so the coat could be made to how I wanted it and to my size. Well with less than 2 months before Youmacon I got the pieces out and had no clue what I was doing or where I was going thanks to the lack of directions and darts to show me where pieces needed to fit in properly. Long story short I worked on this coat up until 4am the 31st of October and managed to finish it with less than 5 hours to spare before I had to leave. The only good thing I slept good THursday.

I did get some feedback and people impressed by the time and work I invested into the coat. I will admit I'm NOT happy with my collar and the front lapels. I only realized once I lined this beast and had everything done that they were too small. However....Proper placing of safety pins helped fix some of the booboo so it lays right.

Pictures from YOUMACON 2013:

I did turn to my grandmother for help on some of this coat. Because we did use my felt I had from attempt 1 of my coat she did the applique strip for me. It is all hand embroidery on the back around the squares and that is what is holding them in place.

I ended up looking to ebay for a white button down shirt with a white collar which I drew the question marks onto and she also did that.

She gave me a hand with the sleeves as I had no proper dart placement to signify where they had to lay it was a lot of guessing and stressing out.

Panels also didn't line up due to the pattern being not all the same length on the prices so I had to wait till I had the outside 100% done. After that I cut my lining for my lower sections and found where I had my issues. Marked it, only to find once again once this monster was lined that things we're uneven. At that point I wanted to scream and pull my hair out. :eek:

These are the fabrics I used:
Peach Skin
Raw Cotton Silk
Poplin Cotton
Kona Cotton
Linen Weave
and the back applique strips are felt with a small wool content but still enough to annoy me if my skin touches it.

Here is the link to photos from YOUMACON: [url][/url]

#8 Ironhill on 5 years ago

Thanks for posting this. I decided to make a 6th costume and the coat will be the biggest challenge.

#9 shinji_hiroshi on 5 years ago

No problem! \0/

The coat is honestly the worst part to do. I kept going and looking at pictures of the orginal, watching the classic ep's with Colin's Doctor and would go: NO! I don't like it. Which I think drove my friends and grams nuts with how nit-picky I was on this project.

I've already ordered some of the fabric for Coat #4 I'm planning to make. I just have to find a replacement for the green peachskin. It was horrible to work with. .__.

For a pattern I would recommend just buying this one. I'm still irked I paid the woman 100.00 for my custom pattern and found a commercial pattern was used for some of the body.


The only things I would say with this pattern is add more flare to the skirt part, and make your front lapels all 1 pattern piece not this half of this, attach to this, blah blah. 1 piece! And quite honestly the best way to go. .__.

#10 Ironhill on 5 years ago

Actually, I think I used this pattern before. I will have to check my pattern stash.

Right now I have the shirt and 2 of the ties done, the fabric for the vest is ordered, and a plan for the blue cloak/overcoat. Just need the fabric for the pants and coat.

#11 shinji_hiroshi on 5 years ago

For the pants I would say look for white back with black lines. Make sure it is dyeable and if you are able use Rit Dye Golden...something make sure it's the liquid and dye it in bucket and weight it down with something so the fabric dyes evenly.

I'm not sure what your using for the coat fabric if you are staying true to the screen used fabrics, but my plan when I redo mine for the majority of the body was to use gabardine fabric and by the ipoly dye and achieve the look I want. I've used this fabric quite a bit so it will still give me the look I want. Apparently 'white' moleskin in 98% polyester and 2% stretch with the satin backing doesn't exist. ._. That would be far to easy for

I would like to try and find someone in the states to make me the collar fabric out of cotton or silk, but so far the cheapest I found months ago was 250-300 a yard. Which was way out of my price range. That's normally an entire costume budget I allow myself for my big project of the year.

#12 Cardi Musketeer on 5 years ago

Of all the people I have seen portraying the sixth Doctor the award for the most convincing has to go to this fellow


The fellow in question is Steven Hill of the Federation (a group that made their own set of Doctor Who films) based in Chicago, IL. If anyone would be able to help you get a sixth Doctor's coat to look spot on, then it would be him