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#1 AmberChu on 6 years ago

Hey everyone! I'm going to MetroCon this year (Very excited since it's only 2 weeks away!) I was wondering as to what happens during the Masquerade. I was also wondering if anyone could tell me the exact dress code for dresses are. Does it have to be a fancy looking dress? I'm sure my dress will qualify but I wanted to make sure. Thank you! (◕‿◕✿)

#2 Kitsune on 6 years ago

Hello! Your friendly neighborhood Masquerade AD here!

Pretty much anything that you could wear at homecoming or prom is good to go. So long as the dress isn't very revealing, you'll be okay (think slightly more lax in code than a school dress code). And don't forget a mask! ^_^

#3 AmberChu on 6 years ago

Thank you! I was also wondering if they'll be doing that one old fashion of dancing. The name has slipped my mind though : (!

#4 Kitsune on 6 years ago

Haha, I'm not entirely sure without a name, and I was busy with something else when the director was going over the dance list with the cast, but... I can say that we have a mix of songs and many of the cast members have some ballroom dance training so they can lead to the variety of songs played. I know for a fact director-man has a soft spot for swing. XD

There are always a couple of party songs played as well, the ones that have giant dance numbers that lots of people know and can teach, like Cupid Shuffle or Electric Slide.

#5 AmberChu on 6 years ago

Oh awesome : )! I mainly want to go to see Howl I apologize for not recalling the name but it sounds like a lot of fun : D