Pyramid head Sword and hat

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#1 antihelper on 5 years ago

I know i made this in the past but since i got a job its possible for me to get this request possiblly in


i want a very very hard and sturdy materal like wood or steel if possible

with pictures of work done and stuff

I am looking for this done before october (cosplay of course but i also wanna take my nephews trick or treating dressed as pyramid head :P)

my budget is less then 300 if possible for 1 or both

cheaper the better because i want to spend money on a ps4 for me and my nephews as well

#2 Barrin on 5 years ago

Hey I'm wrapping up a pyramid head costume right now! check out the pictures of it's progress on my flickr page in my signature. also I'm interested so pm sent!

#3 Jei-Cos on 5 years ago

Oh wait, you want wood or steel so nvm I can't. And I would stear away from steel if using this for a con. A steel blade not only wouldn't be allowed at con, but without a sheath, and HUGE for that matter, would be highly illegal to even carry outside of your house.

#4 antihelper on 5 years ago

it doesnt have to be wood or metal but i dont know anything sturdy enough otherwise

#5 Jei-Cos on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=antihelper;4721515]it doesnt have to be wood or metal but i dont know anything sturdy enough otherwise[/QUOTE]

Well that changes thing lol
I work with insulation foam. Here's my Cloud sword I did using it (the only one I did for myself, the other sword I did was a commission, so this is the only one I can say for sure since I own it):
So far, I have used it at 2 conventions and it hasn't broke..Also, one con, it was raining and really really windy..Still didn't break..The stuff is way more sturdy then people think.

If this is something you wouldn't mind, you can PM me and we can talk further. I can quote you once I find out how long you want it, and where you live so I know how far it's going (so I can calculate shipping).

Just for the heck of it, here's the other one I did with this foam:
It's a sword from Naruto. Character is Darui, or something like that..Idk, I don't watch it lol

#6 faustus70 on 5 years ago

iv pm you

#7 ChaosFoxCostuming on 5 years ago

Sent PM.