NYCC 2013 cosplayers!

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#31 pleiadic on 6 years ago

As of right now, I'm not sure if I should get the 1 day Saturday pass or wait until the 3 and 4 day retailer passes are released. Does anyone have any tips on getting the multi day passes? This year will be my first year going to NYCC; I'm moving north in the fall, so I'm really excited.

#32 N30V3N0M on 6 years ago

Midtown Comics will be selling tickets on August 8th, all types, 6 tickets limit!

#33 N30V3N0M on 6 years ago

Oh and I'll be going as Draco Malfoy (wig isn't that accurate but everything else is!) and Blu Scout. Not sure what days I'll be who yet. Hopefully, I'll be getting the 3 Day pass next week!

#34 sadiesadist on 6 years ago

Quick question, anybody else plan to do any Dragon Age or Skyrim cosplays at NYCC this year?? Because if you are, I. MUST. PHOTO OP. WITH. YOU!!! :D

kthnx <3

#35 ladyjokershay on 6 years ago

Going as Kim Possible, Valkyrie (Fearless Defenders), and Harley Quinn

#36 hikaru2322 on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=sadiesadist;4732302]Quick question, anybody else plan to do any Dragon Age or Skyrim cosplays at NYCC this year?? Because if you are, I. MUST. PHOTO OP. WITH. YOU!!! :D

kthnx <3[/QUOTE]

One of my friends will be doing a Skyrim cosplay this year. It looks like she'll be wearing it Friday and Saturday. She might wear it on Sunday if her Sunday costume plans fall through.

#37 tsukeru on 6 years ago

My finalized cosplay list for this year:

Bucky (classic) - Captain America
Kate Bishop (#9 cover) - Hawkeye
Kate Bishop (date dress) - Young Avengers Presents
Pepper Potts - Iron Man: Armored Adventures
April O'Neil (classic) - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

#38 osuperman1964 on 6 years ago

This is my first year in cosplay I will be going as red robin tim drake .

#39 MaiSheri on 6 years ago

Good news, everyone!

My vacation days were approved, which means I'm going to NYCC ^_^ I'm so excited!!

#40 tsukeru on 6 years ago

I don't know what days I'm cosplaying what yet, but a lot of it will be revolved around when Kevin Eastman is doing his signing/panels. I'm only taking April for him, so I won't be in her too long at the convention. I will be revolving the rest of my Marvel cosplays around that. I hope to make an appearance or two at some of the Marvel gatherings.

#41 tsukeru on 6 years ago

Only 52 days left!

#42 lolicide on 6 years ago

Genderbent Black Rock Shooter
Crossplay Rolling Girl (Vocaloid)
Captain Levi from Attack on Titan
Gangsta Sayaka from Madoka

3D Maneuver gear is gonna be challenging...

#43 tsukeru on 6 years ago

I can't finalize my last cosplay yet. I have too many awesome ideas that I want to do, but it all depends on time.

#44 MaiSheri on 6 years ago

This plan is probably going to be changing right up until a couple of weeks before the con, but so far I'm looking at
HELPeR (Venture Bros) on Friday
Helen McAllister/Nightengale (Atomic Robo) on Saturday
[Wendy (Gravity Falls) if Helen doesn't get finished on time]
Pepper Potts (Marvel movies) on Sunday

#45 Granosx on 6 years ago

I will be attending Friday through Sunday. My costumes are as follows ( though I may be willing to change the order ).

Friday: Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora ( My gf will be Kairi )
Saturday: Jude Mathis ( Tales of Xillia )
Sunday: Luffy 2 year timeskip version w/ Scar

My Jude is complete, and I am just struggling in figuring out the wig styling for Sora as I've never styled a wig before myself. Also wondering how to get Luffy's chest scar :/