Cosplay Music Video

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#1 AdriaSterling on 5 years ago

I know this is very very short notice but I would really like to film a cosplay music video this Con.
People who are willing/want to be in it, please message me to let me know.

Pretty much what will happen is we can come together with a time and I will take some shots and probably run around you swinging my camera and such.
My reasoning behind this is because I am tired of there not being some enough quality music videos for AnimeFest that completely included cosplayers.

Yet again, anyone who is interested, please message me ASAP so we can schedule a time.
(Keep in mind that I can only take a certain number of people, so spots close up quite quickly.
For Friday, I'll take 5 people
For Saturday, I'll take 8
For Sunday, I'll take 8
And Monday I won't be taking any)