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#1 Blood_Sword on 8 years ago

I tried to search after a thread like this but didn't seem to find any, forgive me if there's already a thread out there that's a replica of this one...

So I thought it would be interesting to hear what's the latest purchases/materials you fellow cosplayers have bought for your cosplays! Please share them here and it would be great to get some more info, for example where you bought it and what cosplay you're going to use it for etc etc. Post 'em folks! :)


Today me and my one cosplaying (best) friend went out to a shopping center after school, it's not that far away, walking distance. We went into this one shop, Tiimari, that sells stuff like carneval costumes, party stuff, school objects for children, glue and glitters, plastic flowers and just random crafty things like styrofoam objects etc etc. That shop is sometimes a good searching place for cosplay "raw material". lol
So yeah, my friend found some pretty big blue plastic beads that I could use to make the bracelet for my current dream cosplay... wuhuuu! <3

#2 Mangochutney on 8 years ago

Half a hojillion Swarovski sequins. I'm so looking forward to putting them on Titania's jacket!

(if you want to sparkle like a bastard too, and regular acrylic sequins just aren't doing it for you anymore, google "Swarovski 3112" for a variety of sourcing options. They're so cool.)

#3 Flora88 on 8 years ago

A red Alexander McQueen scarf for Grell. He totally doesn't wear a scarf, but if he did, he'd wear McQueen.

#4 LeekFish on 8 years ago

In the process of commissioning a headset for my Miku cosplay. c:

And I haven't bought stuff yet but I'll be going to the mall this weekend to try and find things for my Mashiro cosplay. c:

And oh geez, Fanime hotel registration is opening tomorrow night. Need to get plans in order asap. @[email protected];

#5 Nayara on 8 years ago

My wig for Jasdebi. :D I love it to bits, but I'm scared it'll get tangled easily. Gotta be careful.

Otherwise I bought green fabric dye yesterday. ಠ_ಠ But somehow... it didn't turn out like I wanted to...

#6 blackflame16 on 8 years ago

Things that I've bought so far this year:

Storm wig, Stocking wig, Socks for Stocking, fabric for Garterbelt, fabric for Stocking, fabric for Ike, fabric for 4th Hokage, fabric to make subspace bag, boots for Storm, shoes for Stocking and many other little things that I forgot. So far this year I think I've spent almost over $150! There goes all the money in my wallet....

#7 ToroSonyCat on 8 years ago

Azusa wig (K-On!)

#8 Rainbowgasm on 8 years ago

patterns and material for my Sandplay Kaito (Vocaloid) and Ciel (Black Butler)- short dress... I bought a drapey twill that I can't recall the exact name of for Kaito's jacket, and some bridal satin and more slightly lighter twill for the dress with some broadcloth to line the bodice and tulle for the petticoat... also several meters of black ribbon for Ciel, red bias tape and gold slightly glittery trimming for Kaito, as well as the buttons I liked best for him...

#9 Ends Beginning on 8 years ago

So far for 2011 I've bought....

for Alma Karma:
A bodysuit
Black fabric paint x2
15ft of 12gage wire
A few yards of 8mm beading wire
1/3yard of flesh tone material

For all:
Chest Binder....yep I'm a crossplayer and proud of it!

#10 acostory on 8 years ago

2 blonde wigs and a bunch of random crap at the convention last weekend.

[QUOTE=ArmoredHeart;3760061]And oh geez, Fanime hotel registration is opening tomorrow night. Need to get plans in order asap. @[email protected]; [/QUOTE]

!!! craaaaaap

#11 SweetOcarina on 8 years ago

Little Sister dress, Brown gloves (matryoshka), paper flowers (Just be Friends), black and white felt (matryoshka).

#12 Eau de Decus on 8 years ago

To quote the invoice, "One specialized gaff for crossdressing men". I'll leave it at that. xD

#13 ☆ KEITA on 8 years ago

Recently just bought three wigs, a megaphone and some red converse high top sneakers. c: Online of course haha.

Gonna be buying some 1" red/white fabric off of ebay soonish too. :Db

#14 Starlightslk on 8 years ago

Today: New shelves to add to my supplies storage unit. (I know it's not directly for a cosplay but it is used to store materials for cosplays) :crylaugh:

Few weeks ago: White shoes for my [URL=""]Holiday Mikuru[/URL] cosplay. Long Blond wig & matching extensions, black bike shorts, a bunch of [URL=""]large ornaments for a photoshoot[/URL]

About to purchase: Pantyhose to wear with my cosplays and other expendables for an upcoming con (no, not the character, the actual wardrobe item) :p

Recently has been light on purchases since I've been pulling more from my stock of fabrics and basic supplies...:thumbsup:

#15 Flora88 on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Eau de Decus;3760129]To quote the invoice, "One specialized gaff for crossdressing men". I'll leave it at that. xD[/QUOTE]

You go, boy.