Naruto Shuriken Tutorial - Cheap and Quick

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#1 xXKujaXx on 13 years ago

This a tutorial for making Shuriken/Throwing stars as typically seen in Naruto or other Ninja based anime and video games. This method is very cheap, very easy and very quick to make. They also actually work :D They fly really far with a good throw. They are not 100% accurate to the ones that you might see in Naruto but they’re very close and you can feel free to make you own modifications after completing this model. Sometimes the directions only half make sense on their own, that’s why I did step by step pictures. I’ve made tons of these now, used to make them with notebook paper or post it notes in boring situations. By this point I can make them in 2 or 3 minutes with paper, maybe a little longer with cardstock. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Also if there’s any parts that you would like to see more description or more pictures for feel free to ask.

Step 1) Materials
--2 Squares of Paper
--Scissors (Optional)
--Ruler (Very Optional)

The paper can be pretty much anything. I used cardstock for this tutorial, actually the first time I’ve tried cardstock. I’ve made many with regular paper. I normal sheet of 8.5”x11” paper will make a shuriken pretty much the perfect size. If you’re ever bored, making mini ones out of post it notes is a fun way to pass time. Each finished Shuriken requires two squares of paper.
I only used the ruler to make really tight folds, you don’t actually have to measure anything XD

Step 2) Prepping the Paper
The paper needs to be square to do this. If you’re using a standard sized sheet of paper you can fold it like so ([url][/url]) and cut the strip at the bottom off to make a square.
If you have a square sheet or origami paper or the like you should be just fine.

Step 3) Making the First Half

Fold the paper in half like this:

Then fold each side in towards the center:

Then fold it in half on the same seam it was originally folded in half on. You should have a strip that looks like this:

Step 4) Finish the First Half

Put the paper to that the open side of the fold is facing your right. Take the TOP LEFT corner and fold it down towards the right side:

It’s important that you keep track of which way you do the first one because the second half must be the opposite.

Flip the strip and do the other end in the opposite direction:

This is kind of hard to describe. Hold the paper horizontally and fold the larger end of the strip at an angle that lines up with the previous corner folds. I recommend the pictures to make sense of this one:

Do the same with the other end:

From here:
Fold the ends that are hanging so it looks like:

This isn’t crucial; it’s for later and may make more sense later on if you’re not getting it now. You’re just creating a crease the ends do not have to stay down against the main body.

Step 5: Make and Finish the Second half
Repeat Steps to and 3 with a new sheet of paper.

When it comes to folding down the corners for step 4, if you followed directions you had the open side of the fold on the right and too the top left corner and folded it down to right. For this one, keep the open side of the fold on the right but take the TOP RIGHT corner and fold it down to the left. This will create a piece opposite the original so they will join together.

The rest of the folds follow the same as the first. Of course they’re probably opposite but you shouldn’t have to think about that at all.

Step 6: Putting Them Together

You should have:

Set them together so the ends poke out over each other:


This part all sort of happens naturally. The ends should all tuck into each other, much like the way they you fold the flaps of a box so it doesn’t open.


This is the final product:

It’s the first one I made with cardstock. If you make it with paper you can get much tighter creases so it’ll look a little neater and a little smoother.

Hopefully you’ve made it through without to much trouble. If you keep practicing you should be able to make them in no time at all. Have fun and watch out for people’s eyes >_0

#2 starryprincess6 on 12 years ago

Man, these are pretty awesome! I'm suprised no one posted here before, though I'm sorry for bumping it, mods(edit: duh, it was posted just a month ago) ,but this is just a good tutorial for making cheap shurikens. Thank you Kuja!

#3 RosyPosy on 12 years ago

eh, gotta love origami. XD

#4 Pantsu_chan on 12 years ago

OMG this is how we used to fold notes back in middle school (aka the Dark Ages)!!!!!!! Never thought of using the same idea for shurikens!

#5 chris-chan on 12 years ago

ah, oragami. is there anything it cant be used for?

#6 Sunarry on 12 years ago

Thank you very helpful and easy to make, also it doesn't take that long to make a whole bunch.

#7 __Mugen on 10 years ago

This is great! :D And Thank goodness for the picture refrences. I'm a visual learner, so without them I would have been sooo lost. xDD;
Thanks for this. *thumbs up*