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#1 Oshi on 16 years ago

hmm... For the longest time, I've been considering cancelling my prereg and not going to AX...

several issues are at hand...
the primary one is the whole airplane deal. first off, it's a LOT of money for a round trip ticket from Philly to LA. $310 at cheapest. I SO can not afford that right now.
Second... I've never flown before. I'm REALLY nervous about it...
Another... what do I do when I'm there? How do I get from the airport to the hotel? Wait, where am I staying again? I think with Celine, but I havn't heard from her in a while... well, that's beside the point.
then there's the fulfilment issue... Spending at least $400 just to get to AX, and will it really be worth it? I have my doubts...

I dunno... I could use some reassurance and help ._.

#2 Jinx on 16 years ago

That is quite a bit... I myself am not sure if I'm going - but I live in Phoenix. I have different issues - takes too long to fly, but I've never driven interstate.

Some things I can help you with... you can call a shuttle system to help you get from the airport to your hotel, and back. You should be able to find shuttle info on the airport website. I almost forgot that important detail in our trip last year. o.o;; It does cost about $15-$20 each way though... also... how close will your hotel be to the convention site? Ours was about two miles, so it wasn't too bad. But remember, it may be quite congested in that area since it's so close to Disneyland - but you may also have access to trolleys and busses and such.

Edit: Oh yeah, and about flying - don't worry. Turbulence is normal, and you're always with trained attendants. You can either choose to book a window seat - so you can watch what's going on below if that comforts you, OR so you can have something to lean against when you sleep - or book an aisle seat - easy access to the bathroom. Try not to get middle seats, they suck. ^-^;; Also, pack wisely - remember, with heightened security, one wrong move gets you in trouble. Leave all questionables at home,a nd arrive at the airport about an hour and a half to two hours early for leeway of any unexpected events. Also, brings lots of stuff to keep you buys - unless, again, you decide to sleep. :P

Also, call Celine!!!! :P

Hope that helps. ^-^

#3 Nietsche on 16 years ago

cheapest flight for me would be $550....

I'd say flying is always nerve-wracking no matter how many times you fly, but I've made it through okay ^_^, I always bring a sketch pad and a portable game system. I'd also bring a portable music player should the current playlist of the flight be unfavourable..and bring something to chew on...jerky or sweets, they help ease me considerably...

Oh yeah and make sure you contact Celine...especially if she's the one you're gonna be rooming with!

I'm sure you'll be perfectly fine!

...back to costuming....

#4 Michi on 16 years ago

I can't add anymore reassurance to the flight thing, I don't think.. Jinx and Nietsche did a good job. Portable game system = yes.

If you can't contact Celine, you could stay with my friends. :o

Anyway, um... are you wondering if AX itself is worth it? It depends on who you're going to see, if any of the proposed guests/events interest you, and stuff like that. Anime Expo is a lot less fan based than most cons you've probably been to, and it's huge. It's commercial and impersonal.. but I've gone for the past three years anyway. The panels I've attended have been well run, karaoke is fun, the atmosphere is nice.. I've never bothered with the masquerade and last year I didn't even get near the dealer's room 'cause it was so big. ^^; but meh.. I go to see people I normally never get to see over anything else, really. o.o I can't really say it's my favorite convention, but hey, it's there. ^_^; Apparently it'll be a lot better organized this year too, and I've heard about a lot of problems.. Mm. I suppose if you're gonna fly out to California for a con, the big one would be the one to go with. I guess. ^_^;; If you plan really well, it'll be all worth it, surely. Just make sure it's not going to set you back horribly or something. I spent too much money on a con last year that wasn't even near worth it, and I'm sorta still in debt because of it.. u.u ANYWAY. Umm. Yeah. Sorry this is sorta jumbled, I haven't slept. ^^; I think everyone should experience AX at least once. Do you already have your flight? Maybe try and fit in some touring of SoCal or something while you're down there, for as cheap as possible? I'm doing that for AnimeFest in Texas if I'm able to go.. gonna tour Dallas for a day or two after the con because last year the con was pretty crappy. I just wanna see my friends and stuff. ^^

#5 Miaka No Baka on 16 years ago

flying isn't bad. I've been flying since I was a baby so yeah it's something you get used to. It's just like driving in a car except you're up in the air. The airlines are safer now then they were years ago and they've got trained staff to assist you while on board. Just don't go out screaming "we're all gonna die" otherwise you won't be getting nice treatment so to speak heheh. Bring plenty of stuff to occupy you with and bring some cash with you like 20 bucks cause generally if you want to watch the inflight movie it'll cost ya like 5 bucks (although some airlines might not charge at all) bring headphones to listen to cd's or even your gameboy cause it'll be hard to hear with the engine noise.

I don't think any of us really do have the answer to your question if ax is going to be worth it. Con experiences vary from person to person and it all depends how you go into the whole situation. If you go into ax with a "I'm gonna have fun" attitude you'll probably walk away with ax being a very memorable and worth the cost event. I probably spend like 400 bucks at ax myself too and I live in the state it's held lol! but yeah if you're going with friends (or meeting some there) you're bound to have fun!

Miaka no Baka

#6 Maryssa on 16 years ago

have you checked jetblue? i'm not sure if they fly out of philly but you could take a cheap puddle jumper to NYC and fly out of there. its the cheapest airline with BY FAR the best service of all.

#7 Hakaider on 16 years ago


Flying for me is a necessity everytime that we travel to the mainland from Hawaii. ( We actually call the continental U.S. the "mainland" back here.) We don't have a choice since we can't drive thru an ocean or take a train thru the ocean so flying is the only option. We could swim, but that may take weeks.

Flying isn't so bad. There's some turbulence at times but that's to be expected. ( I'm not exactly a big fan of flying myself but I have no choice if I want to get anywhere.) Turbulence are like potholes that you encounter in a road when you are driving. You'll run into them occasionally when you drive at certain areas, but for the rest of the course, it is usually pretty smooth.

For safety purposes, it is always smart to keep the seatbelt on when you are flying.

Wow! It costs under$400 from Philly to LA? It can cost from $400-$1000 for a roundtrip flight from Honolulu to LA in July. ( Those are the coach fares. The airlines know that there is only way out for us so they jack up the airfares back here.) I once bought a ticket for $800 to LA a few years ago for a First Class seat because the economy coach fare cost $1500. ( My travel agent was laughing real hard about the discrepancy.)

One thing that you might want to do is to buy yourself a pack of bubblegum or even beef jerky before you get on the plane. You can dispose of the bubblegum or the package of beef jerky in the barf bag that's provided in front of your seat once you have completed your flight or you can dump them in the nearest trash receptacle at the airport. The barf bag looks like a paper bag, and it's meant for people who would throw up from airsickness.

The reason for getting the gum or beef jerky is because when the plane reaches LA, ( Or it's destination) the airplane would start to descend and for some people, it can be very painful to your ears due to the air pressure. ( For some people this is not a problem)

Chewing gum or beef jerky can greatly relieve the pain in one's ears and helps to pop your ears. I found that when I would chew gum when the plane descends, I don't feel any real pain or pressure on the ears.

Again, not everyone experiences this sensation, but just to play it on the safe side, you may want to consider picking up a pack of bubblegum or beef jerky just to play it safe. ( A pack of Juicy Fruit bubblegum is pretty cheap and well worth the relief in your ears.)

Keep in mind that the flight attendants and the pilots are trained professionals. They have been training for years and pilots go thru a rigorous training course of flying planes and many of them are former military pilots. ( A commerical plane is a lot easier to fly than the fighter jets that they use to fly.)

Flight attendants are not only there to serve you food, but they are there to make sure that you are O.K. during the flight. So rest easy and be assured that they are watching to make sure that the passengers are O.K.

If you experience fear or you become terrified when you are flying, try to focus on pleasant thoughts and try to think how lucky you are to be able to fly in this day & age and get to the destination of your choice in just a few hours. Just only a 100 years ago, it can take weeks and even months just to get from the East Coast to the West Coast of North America. ( The car was just newly invented back then and many couldn't go faster than 30 miles per hour.) Your ancestors would have been thrilled to experience what you will be experiencing.

Focus on the fact that the pilots and the flight attendants have families too and they want to do everything that they possibly can to get to their destination in one piece as much you do.

You might want to check with a travel agent for the best air fares. Don't be afraid to shop and compare prices. You will never know what kind of deals that you can come up with.

There's a thread in this same forum that explains how to obtain transportation to Anaheim from the LA airport:


Anime Expo isn't cheap, but it is the biggest anime convention in North America. It is also one of the oldest anime cons and have been in existence since 1992. (AX was actually born from it's predecessor, AnimeCon 1991.) It's something that I recommend that you experience at least once in your lifetime because there is so many things to see and do.

As for getting fulfillment, it is never a 100% gurantee that you will be fulfilled. No con can ever do that. Some people will like a certain con and some will hate it due to their own experiences.

The best thing to do is just go there with an open mind. It is the biggest con in North America after all, and lines are to expected. Go there with an attitude that you are going to enjoy yourself and just relax. No con is going to be 100% perfect and they will have their share of mistakes. Don't expect it to be always perfect and just go there and enjoy yourself.

#8 Michi on 16 years ago

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hakaider [/i]
Turbulence are like potholes in a road when you are driving. You'll run into them occasionaly when you drive at certain areas, but the rest of the course, it is usually pretty smooth.[/QUOTE]

Wow. That's a perfect analogy. The rest of your post was so well-written, too! ^^

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Hakaider [/i]
Chewing gum or beef jerky can greatly relieve the pain in one's ears and helps to pop your ears. I found that when I would chew gum when the plane descends, I don't feel any real pain or pressure on the ears.[/QUOTE]

That happens when the plane ascends, as well. S'best to start chewing as the plane starts to move on the ground.. Chewing/swallowing keeps your mind off your ears popping. :p Just don't do it like, crazily out of nervousness. o_O; I used to really hate flying, and when I first was doing it my ears wouldn't pop for a while and I hated it. @[email protected]; Found out that taking some Dimetapp before the flight worked pretty well... Mreh I'm going off on a tangent. *falls over* Sorry for rambling~! *runs off*

#9 Hakaider on 16 years ago

Thanks Michi. ^_^

Yeah, I found out that Juicy Fruit Gum is my best friend in the world when the plane ascends and descends.

Some airports don't sell gum though so I would buy some from Safeway or grocery stores before I leave for the airport.

#10 kelldar on 16 years ago

yes, check southwest if they fly out of near where you live... I almost always fly southwest, even though I have to drive 3 hours to another city to do so... it's just *that* much cheaper. I got my AX tickets from Nashville TN to LAX for $200.

#11 Kirschwasser on 16 years ago

[QUOTE]Wow! It costs under$400 from Philly to LA? It can cost from $400-$1000 for a roundtrip flight from Honolulu to LA in July. ( Those are the coach fares. The airlines know that there is only way out for us so they jack up the airfares back here.) I once bought a ticket for $800 to LA a few years ago for a First Class seat because the economy coach fare cost $1500. [/QUOTE]

Wow, Hakaider, that is...way too much. *Laughs* Which makes me wonder how much it is going to cost to go to Japan. *Sweatdrops*
Oh, Kell mentioned Southwest Airlines. They are pretty cheap. Last October I took Southwest Airlines, and it was only $150 roundtrip from Tucson, AZ to LAX. ^_^ Flying isn't so bad. It's sooooo much better than driving through the ugly desert (I'm from NM, so a drive to Los Angeles is rather...boring.) It took 1 hr 15 minutes! That beats the 12+ hour drive.
Turbulence wasn't too bad when I was on a jet, except...I did get a bit of motion sickness. And when the jet was descending down towards LAX, my ears started to if there were knives in them, and for some reason I was half-deaf for a day and a half. *Laughs* Next time, I'll just have to bring ear-plugs or something.

#12 Dark Vision on 16 years ago

*pushes you on to the plane*

You shouldn't be nervous on a plane. If you worry about things that can happen on the plane, you're gonna be worrying all the way.

*standing tall, then slips and falls*

#13 Miaka No Baka on 16 years ago

do a search on expedia. If you leave on july 2nd (wednesday before ax) and return on the 6th (the sunday of ax) you can get it for 300 bucks. Keep checking those discount airfare sites cause the cost of tickets varies. You also have to keep in mind that depending on when you travel the cost of the ticket will vary too. If you were to leave in the middle of cold cold winter your fare would be less but it's all cause no one really wants to go to a cold place, they're all heading to hawaii or other locations. 300 bucks for a ticket traveling for the 4th of july in the middle of summer when like everyone travels is not a bad price at all.

I agree with them about the gum it'll help wonders. Pop in a stick before you board the plane and you can spit it out after take off so you can eat, then pop another stick after you're done, the way the ears and mouth are connected chewing gum allows the passages to open more and thus will help relieve the pressure that a change in altitude does to ya. Also if you do get carsick easily you might want to get some drammamine, it'll keep ya from getting queasy. Sometimes turbulance can make ya nausious cause sometimes it gives ya the "bottom dropping out" feeling that a rollercoaster gives you at the big drop (but nothings wrong ^_^; )

Also a better airport to fly into cause it's 20 mins closer than lax which can mean cheaper shuttle service is the john wayne orange county airport. Flights are a little bit more expensive but it's all up to you on which airport you choose ^_^;

Miaka no Baka

#14 Toka_pop on 16 years ago

In regards to ears popping:
A cheaper (but less tasty) alternative to gum is a froced yawn. I do that when I'm driving in the mountains and my ears start popping. It helps clear them up.
You might not want to read or draw on the plane. I don't really get car sick that easily, but on my 1st flight I started to sketch in my art book a bit. I instantly felt queesy. The feeling lasted for the rest of my 4 hour flight. Sleep is a nice alternative. I sometimes stay up late the night before to make sure I have no trouble sleeping on the trip.
I agree with Hakaider's reasons for going to the con. Of the cons I've attended, AX is by far the most fun, with the most to do and see. Plus, there's plenty to do around Southern Cali. Disneyland is right across the street from the convention center. It's 47 bucks a ticket I believe. You should have a great time! However, if your having second thoughts, or don't really want to spend so much money, then don't force yourself to go.
My friends and I have been talking about money issues as well and I look at it this way: This is going to be a trip of a lifetime. Even if you go every year to AX or have been there before, each trip is still a trip of a lifetime because the experiences and memories made will be unique to this trip. Overall, I think it's worth it ^_^

#15 Oshi on 16 years ago

wow, thanks for all the tips everyone! much appreciated...

I'm definately not going to AX now T_T My mom refuses to help pay for the plane ticket, so there's absolutely no way I can go, prereg is cancelled too =/

Maybe in... uh... 2006...! ... >.<;